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11 Best Ceramic Window Tint 2022 For Cars and Home (Reviews)

The sun could be harsh or unfriendly most of the time. The best ceramic window tint for cars and homes provides enhanced support and protection against the sun’s heat.

Especially when it’s beyond the level the air conditioning system could confront or handle.

The constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation could result in a lot of damage to the home or vehicle interior. It doesn’t stop there.

The harmful effects could result in health deterioration, contributing to skin cancer and skin aging.

However, the best ceramic car window tint helps tackle these issues, reducing the effects significantly.

Although window tints are relatively affordable and guarantee easy installation to support desired application (home or vehicle).

Choosing a reliable option could be a major challenge, considering the widespread of options on the market.

This article answers the question “what is the best ceramic window tint,” ensuring everyone gets the best ceramic window tint brand for their vehicle or home.

Some of the most reliable ceramic window films anyone could settle for include MotoShield Pro, LEXEN, JNK NETWORKS, True Line Automotive (for cars) & Snapguard Solutions, HIDBEA, HOHOFILM, and NEW VISION WINDOW FILMS (for home).


The Comparison Table of Best Ceramic Window Tint For Cars and Home 2022

For Cars

MotoShield Pro
MotoShield Pro
MotoShield Pro
True Line

For Home

Snapguard Solutions

What is The Best Ceramic Window Tint?

The best ceramic window tint 2022 must be dependable. A reliable/trustworthy tint should make everyone feel safe at home and inside the vehicle.

Aside from offering adequate and reliable protection against harmful effects of the sun. A highly-rated ceramic window tint also improves attractiveness and overall quality.

All the products on our list offer the above benefits/qualities and more, making them a valuable purchase anyone could make.

While we can’t limit or underrate the significant features all the eleven (11) ceramic window tints offer for optimum safety and protection. Nevertheless, only one can be crowned/rated as the most preferred option.

After careful analysis and considerations, MotoShield Pro (for cars) and Snapguard Solutions (for homes) make the cuts as out our top ceramic window tints.

Why is MotoShield Pro The Best Ceramic Window Tint For Cars?

Vehicle owners looking for the best ceramic window tint film for cars will achieve satisfactory outcomes by investing in MotoShield Pro.

If you do not have a specific brand or option in mind but desire the best value for the money. This design delivers significantly across various critical areas.

For instance, the construction quality offers a durable feel/appearance, and the installation is easier.

MotoShield Pro provides adequate protection against ultraviolet and infrared radiations (up to ninety-nine percent), keeping the interior materials safe from premature deterioration/damage.

Also, it lowers the harmful effects on people’s health to a significant level, and excessive heat is blocked, promoting comfort and convenience.

Why is Snapguard Solutions The Best Ceramic Window Tint For Home?

Over the years, window tinting has become popular in homes and offices. This is a strong indication of people’s commitment to improved protection and safety.

Snapguard Solutions ceramic window tint delivers optimum privacy in your home. It also offers adequate protection against ultraviolet and infrared radiations to promote good health.

In addition to the privacy and improved sense of security/safety it guarantees, it is also designed to offer enhanced attractiveness and convenience. Ultimately, the overall quality of the home and building is optimized.

Top 7 Best Ceramic Window Tint For Car Buying Guide

01. MotoShield Pro MSP-PRECUT – Best Quality Ceramic Window Tint



Highlighted Features

  • 1 Side Window
  • Sun-blocking solar shade
  • 99% ultraviolet and infrared radiations reduction
  • Installation tools are included
  • 43 x 2 x 2 inches in dimension

MotoShield Pro MSP-PRECUT is the accurate answer to the question “what is the best ceramic window tint for cars.”

It is built to keep ultraviolet and infrared heat radiations away from the vehicle’s interior for uncompromised comfort and protection.

Its sun-blocking solar shade takes care of the interior materials or systems, ensuring they do not get damaged or encounter premature wear/fade due to consistent exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

This window tint also guarantees improved/better cooling during the warmer periods of the year, keeping the temperature within an acceptable level.

The basic tools required for independent application are provided in the kit. However, the installer will have to pick up a heat gun separately since it is not included in the package.

Independent installation could be complex or challenging, especially for beginners. It is fair to say that the application process differs from the regular DIY installations.

While the application videos on YouTube provide adequate information and guidance, it takes a series of practices to achieve an accurate installation.

Before the commencement of the installation, ensure all the required tools are made available and placed within reach. The application solution should be mixed and applied appropriately.

Do not forget to verify your vehicle’s specifications to confirm compatibility. Also, choose the right shade for the windows.


  • It doesn’t interfere with electronic devices connection or signal
  • Vehicle interior materials are protected from premature wear or damage
  • Thicker and more durable than several options on the market


  • The installation could be a bit challenging for beginners

02. LEXEN -Best Precut Ceramic Widow Tint



Highlighted Features

  • 2000-2021 vehicles
  • Ultraviolet radiation restriction (up to 99%)
  • Front driver & passenger precut tint
  • Comes with detailed instructions
  • Several window patterns are available
  • 12 ounces in weight

Lexen is a top company with several top-quality window tints to its name.

A design of interest is the LEXEN Precut Tint Kit. Thanks to its increased durability, ease of installation, and excellent protection against ultraviolet radiation and sun attacks.

To achieve the best installation/application experience, a great understanding of the prep activity is essential. For instance, you can’t slap the tint on the window and expect it to turn out well.

Once the soapy solution is appropriately mixed in the spray bottle, ensure the solution is sufficiently applied across the window and tint.

Complete the application process by carefully attaching the tint on the window and taking enough time to ensure it levels out.

Since the package doesn’t include the tinting kit, the installer needs to purchase it separately. There are several affordable options on Amazon.

A top installation tip is to engage in this task on a day when the weather is warm. Such a condition ensure the tint sticks excellently on the window.

LEXEN Precut Tint Kit encourages/supports privacy. Your entire face isn’t exposed, and no one would be able to see the interior directly through the vehicle’s windows from the outside.


  • Reduces heat significantly
  • Excellent precut
  • The film creases without any challenges


  • The Scratch resistance attribute could be improved

03. MotoShield Pro – Best Quality Window Tint



Highlighted Features

  • Up to 25°F. reduction in interior temperature
  • Reduces UV exposure up to 99%
  • Tint tools are available in the pack/kit
  • 25 x 2 x 2 inches in dimension
  • 1 pound in weight

MotoShield Pro Quality Window Tint is designed to offer superior protection against heat and ultraviolet radiation that could come in through the windows.

With up to 99% ultraviolet radiation control/blockage, adequate safety is guaranteed. The people inside the vehicle are protected from the harmful effect the exposure could cause, keeping the skin protected from premature aging or skin cancer.

Also, accessories/components such as the seat, dashboard, steering, and many more are protected from premature damage (crack, peel, or fade).

It ensures the interior retains its attractiveness without compromising the resale value.

When placed side-by-side with the traditional films and numerous ceramic window films available on the market.

It offers a greater glare reduction, ensuring the driver and passengers have a better view of the activities happening across the road.

MotoShield Pro Quality Window Tint keeps electronic devices’ connections from possible interference.

Hence, frustration or dissatisfaction that could arise from unstable connectivity or signal while driving or going on a trip is eliminated.

This design is available in various tint shades. Go through the available shade options and pick the one that better complements your vehicle’s windows.

The installation/application experience can be optimized when executed or performed when the weather is warm or under direct sunlight.


  • No premature fade
  • Offers/guarantees exceptional solar protection
  • Installation and handling are easy


  • The customer service could be better

04. Lexen 2Ply Precut Tint



Highlighted Features

  • Several tint patterns for 2000-2021 vehicles
  • Available in various shades
  • The kit is model specific
  • Yellow squeegee
  • Application instructions
  • 15 ounces in weight

Lexen 2Ply Precut Tint Kit is made of 30% ceramic. It offers a durable product that anyone could rely on for excellent protection against ultraviolet radiation that could damage the interior or cause harm to the skin.

Once the installation is complete, it guarantees an immediate reduction in heat and glare. The interior becomes cool and comfortable, especially during the hot/warm period of the year.

Without the best instructions to guide the application process, the experience could be unappealing and frustrating.

The manual that comes with the package is poorly written, which could frustrate the installer’s effort, especially for individuals without previous experience with what’s required.

Interested buyers should check out various installation videos online. Especially the one from the manufacturer, to glimpse the tips/tricks that could be adopted or followed to get the job done independently.

For best performance and excellent fitment, fill in the necessary details about your vehicle (make, model, and model year).

The provided information ensures the tint that will be delivered is evenly cut out, eliminating the back and forth that could arise from picking up an incompatible product.

Also, do not forget to choose a tint shade that complements the windows better than the available shade options.


  • Outstanding heat protection
  • It doesn’t interfere with the vision on the road, especially at night
  • Excellent performance when applied accurately
  • Excellent value for the money


  • The installation manual is ambiguous
  • Rear windshield application could be a bit tough for beginners




Highlighted Features

  • About 80% heat reduction
  • 99% infrared rays and ultraviolet rays reduction
  • Available in seven (7) different colors
  • Excellent visibility/vision at night
  • 37 x 39.37 x 19.69 inches in dimension

JNK NETWORKS ‎CTF7 is excellently built, delivering excellent protection to drivers, passengers, and interior materials.

With about 80% heat reduction, the atmosphere in the vehicle’s interior is enhanced, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and alive, especially when the weather is hot.

The 99% infrared rays and ultraviolet rays reduction is another excellent benefit it offers.

The interior accessories/components are shielded from premature damage, ensuring they maintain the best quality for as long as possible.

Also, the people in the vehicle are not exposed to cancer-causing elements. The installation is not as complex. The film is easy to apply, and it eliminates glare.

Since the tint isn’t extremely dark, it is easy to see through it while driving at night.

If the application seems out of reach or happens to be a bit out of order. Contact or reach out to a professional to avoid damaging it.

With seven (7) different colors to pick from, this gives vehicle owners the privilege to settle for a color that best suits the windows for improved attractiveness.


  • It cuts across a wide range of applications
  • The product’s quality is excellent
  • Thicker than several designs on the market
  • Guarantees smooth application


  • Unauthorized in some states

06. MotoShield Pro Protective Window Film



Highlighted Features

  • Nanoceramic window tint
  • 99% infrared heat reduction
  • Blocks 99% ultraviolet radiation
  • Precision-cut window tint
  • 43 x 2 x 2 inches in dimension

MotoShield Pro Protective Window Film delivers on the promises mentioned in the product description. While it doesn’t offer complete clarity, a common attribute with ceramic tints.

The performance is great enough to guarantee reliable visibility on the road without any safety challenges or issues, even at night.

We are impressed with the packaging quality. It gives a top/clear indication of what to expect in terms of quality and performance.

The tint improves the vehicle’s attractiveness in addition to the protection and safety it provides against harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin and the interior materials.

MotoShield Pro Protective Window Film fits accurately, ensuring adequate/proper shrinking.

Before installation is performed, ensure you are appropriately informed. Get the correct installation tricks/tips and ensure the right/appropriate tools are used.

The installer can check out the installation videos on YouTube to better understand the task.

Using the wrong tools will frustrate the process and may damage the ceramic window tint. Top-quality and affordable installation kits are available on Amazon, including reliable heat guns.

Longevity is guaranteed. It is designed to remain in a top condition for as long as possible, eliminating premature fade or peel.


  • Doesn’t fade prematurely after application
  • Reliable ultraviolet rays and heat protection
  • Doesn’t affect visibility at night


  • The manufacturer’s installation video misses out on some steps

07. True Line Automotive ‎1547895-ceramic



Highlighted Features

  • Nano auto ceramic window tint
  • Blocks ultraviolet rays up to 90%
  • Precision-cut window tint
  • Scratch-resistant window tint
  • Built for unbeatable quality
  • Installation manual.

Protecting your skin and the accessories in the interior could be affordable yet efficient.

True Line Automotive ‎1547895-ceramic is one of the few inexpensive tints that anyone can trust when it comes to delivering the right level of performance.

It is built to block the damaging/harmful effect of ultraviolet rays to about 99%, making the vehicle a safe place for the driver and the passengers.

Impressively, heat is adequately controlled, irrespective of how hot the weather may be.

The restriction/control enhances the air-conditioner’s efficiency, ensuring better performance. The installation is straightforward, thanks to the precision cut.

This further enhances independent application provided the installer clearly understands the installation process and uses the appropriate tools.

Do not hesitate to go through the well-detailed installation manual. Be patient while going through the steps to avoid missing out on valuable details.


  • Enhances cooling performance/effect
  • Uncomplicated application
  • Excellent protection to the skin and interior
  • Saves time and money


  • Customer service could be better

Top 4 Best Ceramic Window Tint For Home 2022 Reviews

01. Snapguard Solutions Sun-Blocking Window Film



Highlighted Features

  • Ultraviolet rays are blocked/restricted up to 99%
  • Available in various shades
  • 25°F temperature reduction
  • 41 x 2 x 2 inches in dimension
  • 6 ounces in weight

Keeping the home safe and protected from ultraviolet radiation is one of the basic yet effective approaches anyone could settle for, considering its implications on the skin after continuous exposure.

To keep the skin free from spots, premature aging, and cancer, and to ensure home furniture, paintings, and electronic devices are protected from expensive damage.

Homeowners must take the necessary steps to counter long exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Snapguard Solutions Sun-Blocking Window Film has proven to be an efficient option for many homes and offices, blocking ultraviolet rays up to 99%.

Also, it counters infrared radiation efficiently (up to 99%). Infrared radiation is a sun element that causes excessive heat, especially during the hottest period of the year.

The application of this tint mirror offers a significant difference, restricting heat attack and ensuring the building stays cool by reducing the temperature up to 25°F.

Installing the Snapguard Solutions Sun-Blocking Window Film across the home windows isn’t challenging. It is designed to attach effortlessly using the appropriate tools.


  • Guarantees adequate protection against ultraviolet radiation
  • Excellent packaging quality
  • Efficient heat reduction
  • Uncomplicated installation and handling


  • Film separation could be a challenging task

02. HIDBEA Multipurpose Window Tint



Highlighted Features

  • Home and commercial building application
  • Static cling application
  • Daytime privacy protection
  • 4 x 1.3 x 1.3 inches in dimension
  • 19 pounds in weight

HIDBEA Multipurpose Window Tint is designed to keep out harmful ultraviolet radiation, keeping the skin and eyes protected.

It is designed for home and office installation. Its static cling technology aids easy application or attachment across the window.

The static cling replaces/eliminates the need for adhesives, ensuring quicker and bubble-free installation and detachment.

While removing the window tint (in case of a replacement/upgrade), you won’t have to struggle with sticky residue.

Asides from keeping ultraviolet and infrared radiation out of the home. The window tint also guarantees adequate privacy and safety.

Individuals who are intentional about their space (do not want any interference) can depend on the HIDBEA Multipurpose Window Tint to deliver reliable daytime privacy.

It keeps the home away from unauthorized view, ensuring no one sees the inside from the outside without restricting the flow/passage of natural light.

Since the privacy doesn’t extend to the night. Always spread your curtain across the windows after sunset to keep prying eyes away.

Ensure the cutting is appropriately done. Avoid leaving gaps across the edges to ensure it adheres firmly.


  • Eliminates/blocks direct glared
  • Ensures adequate safety and privacy
  • Guarantees efficient restriction of ultraviolet radiation
  • Keeps the room cool


  • Daytime privacy only
  • The cutting could be hard

03. HOHOFILM ‎KR50100-152cm100cm



Highlighted Features

  • Blocks ultraviolet and infrared radiations up to 99%
  • 50% visual light transmission (VLT) Privacy
  • Explosion-proof & waterproof
  • 152cmx100cm in size
  • 1 pound in weight

HOHOFILM ‎KR50100-152cm100cm is designed for several applications. Besides being a top design for home and office windows, its application extends to vehicles.

It significantly lowers the effect of ultraviolet radiation on health and safety, ensuring your skin remains in excellent condition.

Also, the heat resistance feature keeps the interior cool and comfortable, even during the hottest periods of the year. This increases the air conditioner’s efficiency.

The application keeps your homes free from intruders or nosy neighbors. It keeps people away from seeing/viewing what’s going on inside the building from the outside.

Also, in case of an explosion or any activity that could cause the window to shatter, the tint holds the particles together, preventing them from causing injury.


  • Guarantees adequate safety in case of window explosion
  • Blocks harmful ultraviolet radiation
  • Reduces heat massively for a comfortable atmosphere
  • Protects the skin and keeps the interior safe from fading prematurely


  • Doesn’t come with an application guide/manual




Highlighted Features

  • Restricts UV rays interference up to 99%
  • 96% heat rejection
  • Explosion-proof
  • Size: 60-inch by 100 ft
  • 2 pounds in weight

Excessive or continuous exposure to ultraviolet radiation results in many harms/damages.

Hence, the need to shield your body, home appliances, and furniture from the effect it could have on them.

NEW VISION WINDOW FILMS Anti UV Tint offers 99% ultraviolet radiation restriction, keeping the skin away from cancer, spot, or premature aging.

It also protects the furniture, painting, and home appliances from fading, keeping quality intact.

Also, the 96% heat rejection feature guarantees a comfortable/relaxed atmosphere, especially in extremely hot weather.

The anti-glare property provides improved visibility by keeping the eyes away from direct contact with the sun for safe driving.

In case of an explosion, the window tint keeps the broken pieces together, preventing them from spreading across the home for improved safety and protection of the occupant.


  • Efficient heat blockage for a relaxed and comfortable interior
  • Doesn’t compromise or reduce visibility
  • Lowers the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the skin


  • The installation guide is missing

Buying Considerations For Choosing The Best Ceramic Window Tint

01. Price

The need to keep the vehicle or home safe and protected from the harmful effect of ultraviolet radiation or how uncomfortable the interior could be in case of excessive exposure to heat may result in a hasty purchase decision, which could eventually affect your finances.

We understand the need to keep the skin and the accessories in the vehicle or home safe/free from contamination and damage.

Nevertheless, that shouldn’t be a basis or excuse for going overboard when it comes to the cost of acquisition or purchase.

Once the need for a ceramic window tint has been realized. Especially when the interested home/car owner has possibly chosen the best ceramic window tint brand to settle for.

Do not proceed to pay for any model that seems appealing or delivers on expected performances/outcomes without understanding the financial implications.

Instead, check/verify how much money you could spare at that time and plan the purchase around that budget.

For instance, if around $300 is what anyone could afford to invest on a window tint, the ideal approach is to check for models or designs within the price from any top brands that must have possibly caught your attention and choose anyone that meets desired performance expectations.

02. Authorization

Before going ahead with the purchase plan, vehicle owners/homeowners should verify whether their design choice is authorized for application/use in their state or region.

Some window tints are restricted or illegal for use in some states.

Read through the product description to verify this detail or speak with the vendor to confirm if the product is permitted/acceptable under your state’s law.

03. Brand

There are hundreds of brands out there, and each of them claims to be the best anyone could get, even the ones with little or no visibility.

Low price is one of the numerous approaches unknown or not-so-popular brands adopt while trying to penetrate the market.

The prices are always tempting, and many people might struggle to get their eyes/minds off such products.

Especially individuals who do not have adequate market experience or desire the best deal they could get without top consideration for quality and performance.

If you can’t verify the identity of a particular brand or confirm how genuine the promises they make are. Star clear or avoid such a product, irrespective of the mouth-watering offer.

Instead, settle for any of the well-known brands.

Interestingly, the top brands do not restrict production/build to premium window tints.

They also have various affordable options that people who seek affordable yet dependable ceramic window tint can pick up for the best performance.

04. Performance Needs

The best ceramic window tint 2022 does more than ultraviolet and infrared radiation protection/blockage.

Other features/properties include privacy, glare control, attractiveness, etc.

Individuals who desire more than the primary functions (heat and ultraviolet radiation control/restriction) can choose a design that offers other performance needs that deliver on their expectations.

05. Installation

Some ceramic window tints are easy to apply. Others require a lot of time, patience, and a better understanding of the task.

The complicated designs are reserved for a professional installer to handle in most cases.

Individuals interested in getting things done independently should focus on a design that makes this possible with ease.

Go for a ceramic window tint that can be easily applied/installed by following the manufacturer’s tips/tricks or by relying on installation videos.

If the product doesn’t come with an installation guide, ensure the manufacturer has a well-detailed video that can be relied upon.

06. Quality

No one wants to pick up a ceramic window tint today and start thinking of a replacement after a few weeks.

Ensure your design choice is built with the best quality material that doesn’t fade, tear, scratch, or peel prematurely.

It must be able to restrict heat and ultraviolet penetration efficiently, keeping the interior cool and comfortable and as well protect the skin from complications.

07. Compatibility

The tint/film should be suitable for the desired application.

For vehicle installation, do not hesitate to check with the vendor if the design is compatible or made to work with the vehicle’s brand, model, and year.

The Common FAQs of Best Ceramic Window Tint

01. How Much Does The Best Ceramic Window Tint Cost?

Although ceramic tints are the most expensive tint option due to the quality of the material used for the construction.

That doesn’t mean they are too pricey or can’t be purchased by a regular vehicle owner or homeowner.

There are several affordable yet quality options on the market provided the buyer has adequate knowledge or understanding of the attributes/features to watch out for.

On average, the best ceramic tint costs between $100 and $400. Nevertheless, there are expensive options that cost up to a thousand dollars ($1000).

02. How Much Does a Professional Ceramic Tint Installation Cost?

In case an independent installation seems like a complex task.

This is especially true for individuals who haven’t tinted their windows before and do not want to damage the tint/film out of inadequate experience or complexity of the process (in a few cases).

Hiring a professional installer is your next bet. A professional installer has enough experience to get the job done for the best performance.

However, it comes at a cost, which is dependent on the size/amount of windows involved.

A professional may charge between $5 and $7 for every square foot. Talk to the professional and know the price implication ahead of the installation.

03. How Long Can a Ceramic Window Tint Last?

When it comes to durability (for uncompromised and extended safety and performance), ceramic window tints are excellent options that anyone could apply or install on their vehicle.

While they might be a bit costly compared to other types of tints. The extended use/operation makes up for the price.

Ceramic window tints can last between five (5) and ten (10) years, provided the condition is right.

04. How Do I Ensure My Window Tint Last For a Long Time?

Asides from the quality of the construction, installation, and maintenance play a key role in how long the application would last.

Ensure the installation is done accurately and focus on adequate maintenance.

Wipe the tint with the recommended solution during cleaning and avoid objects that could scratch or peel it off.

When the above-stated tips are considered and adhered to, it leaves the tint to wear off naturally and gradually due to continuous contact/interaction with direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation.

05. Is Vehicle Windows Tinting Legal?

When it comes to tinting the vehicle’s windows, every state has a law guiding it.

Confirm if your state supports window tinting and act accordingly. If the state/region does, choose an authorized product for use.


If anyone is ready to apply tint/film across their windows (vehicle, home, or office) or possibly looking at upgrading/replacing the old installation with the best ceramic window tint, they could perhaps find around.

Our list contains eleven products (for the vehicle, home, and office applications) that offer reliable strength for improved comfort, protection, safety, and privacy over a long time.

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