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Top 11 Best Heat Gun For Window Tinting 2022 – (Review & Buying Guide)

If you’re looking for a cooler interior and UV protection for you’re vehicle, then you’re surely also looking for the best heat gun for window tinting.

Not only will window tinting reduce glare and comfort your eyes, but it will also offer some extra privacy and customization.

Don’t wait around and start your search for the heat guns with variable temperature control, rheostat-type heating, and incredible nozzle accessories!

You’ll be one step ahead on ensuring the perfect look and function of your vehicle!


A Comparison Table of Best Heat Gun For Window Tinting (2022 Updated)

DEWALT2000WUp To 990℉
Steinel1600W120℉ To 1150℉
SEEKONE1800W752℉ & 1112℉
BLACK+DECKER1350W750°F & 1000°F
Steinel1600W120℉ To 1150℉
Master Appliance1300W500°F & 1000°F
Wagner Spraytech1200W750ᵒF & 1000ᵒF
FOSHIO1800WControl With LCD Digital Display
VViViD1200W750ᵒF & 1000ᵒF
EHDIS1800W842℉ & 1202℉

What Is The Best Heat Gun For Window Tinting?

Considering all the reviews and specifications available, we’ve concluded that Seekone 1800W is bar far the best heat gun on the market. Providing quality tools, Seekone is the brand that never lets you down.

The 1800W heat gun comes with two concentrator nozzles, as well as a deflector and a reflector nozzle to disperse heat flow smoothly. Add a tint meter and you’ll get the most efficient kit for window tinting.

Why Seekone 1800W is Best Heat Gun For Window Tinting?

Seekone 1800W has so many excellent uses. Besides window tinting, it can be used to efficiently wrap car interiors, strip paint and bend the plastic.

It’s a must for any mechanic and the most useful item for anyone who wants to try the procedure on their own.

Even more, it comes with heat control, excellent power, and a high/low switch that ensures proper airflow in any working conditions.

11 Best Heat Gun For Window Tinting Reviews

01. SEEKONE 1800W SDL-2816 – Best Quality Heat Gun For Window Tinting



Highlighted Features

  • Quickly heats up to 1202 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Available in 2 models
  • Variable temperature control
  • Overload protection
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Four nozzle accessories

The model that wins the title of the best heat gun for window tinting is Seekone 1800W.

Available in three colors and reaching a temperature of 1202 degrees Fahrenheit in only a few seconds, this heat gun surely deserves the first position on our top.

One incredible benefit is that Seekone 1800W offers a dual airflow setting. Adjust the heat gun for the most efficient performance on the low or high position as it’s specified in the product’s details.

The item is also lightweight, a truly important aspect when it comes to its use. You can hold it easily and work as much as you need without any discomfort.

Also, as Seekone is a brand that values safety more than anything, it added an overload protection function, so the heat gun won’t have to suffer long-term damage and you’ll be able to sleep peacefully at night.

Moreover, the ergonomic design prevents injuries and musculoskeletal disorders caused by poorly arranged materials.

The model has many other applications besides window tinting, being recommended for car wrapping, PVC shrinking, pipe bending, and many others.


  • Comfortable design
  • Lightweight
  • Two controls


  • Plastic material

02. DEWALT DCE530B – Best Window Tinting Heat Gun



Highlighted Features

  • Cordless
  • Heats up to 990 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Lock-off trigger & lock-on button
  • Incorporated LED
  • Up to 42 minutes of runtime

What makes a heat gun truly remarkable? The combination between hands-free functions and cordless use!

DEWALT DCE53B offers everything you’d wish from the best heat gun for window tinting and even more.

Remember to add a window tint meter and you are good to go. The cordless feature means flawless, easy use, but it also comes with its consequences.

Using 5Ah lithium batteries should provide about 42 minutes of runtime, so the heat gun is most suitable for fast, small procedures.

However, the heat gun can reach its maximum output temperature in just 340 seconds, heating up to 990 degrees, which is an incredible performance for hands-free tool.

The lock-off trigger & lock-on button makes the use of this item even easier. Even more, the built-in LED ensures increased visibility in the dark and creates the perfect working conditions anywhere at any time.

This unique feature is another example of how creative DEWALT can get.

Finally, the special DuraTherm heating element fully covered in ceramic offers excellent durability over the years and extends coil life.

With a flat nozzle and hook nozzle attachment, you’re assured the best quality for the longest time!


  • Flawless function
  • Perfect for small jobs
  • Hands-free


  • It goes through the batteries quickly

03. STEINEL 34859 – Best Tinting Heat Gun



Highlighted Features

  • 1600 Watts
  • Plastic material, ceramic burner
  • Electronically controlled heat delivery
  • Shrink Tubes
  • Reflector, Reduction, Welding, and Spreader Nozzle
  • Comes with a rugged aluminum case

What sets STEINEL 34859 apart is that it comes with a complete kit, including a variety of nozzles that can be used for various tasks, but all of the same incredible quality.

This means a reflector nozzle to evenly disperse the airflow around, a reduction nozzle, as well as a Welding one. Even more, the brand added a Spreader Nozzle, so the heat gun can function at its best!

The modern push-button system adds reliability, while the unique LCD allows you to set the perfect temperature and lock the exact heat that’s needed for the job.

Just move it up or down by 10 degrees Fahrenheit until you reached the desired result. And as mentioned accessories earlier, the kit also comes with assorted shrink tubes and a pocket guide.

On top of all these benefits, this amazing heat gun comes with efficient microprocessor control and a 1500 maximum voltage, enough to complete any job, especially window tinting.


  • Solid build quality
  • Meets all the specified qualifications
  • The excellent push-button system


  • Accuracy should be improved

04. SEEKONE ‎HG886



Highlighted Features

  • Dual temperature setting
  • 1800 Watts
  • Includes four nozzles
  • Comes with user manual
  • Nickel Chromium fine heating wire
  • Stainless steel air outlet

SEEKONE comes with another model that’s worth a position on the Best Heat Gun for Window Tinting top.

The 1800W is capable of generating enough heat for any project you have in mind. Using advanced, hot-air technology, the heat gun won’t burn any items even when set on its maximum setting.

A single push will be enough for quality window tinting, and with a car tint meter added to the kit, nothing stops you from getting that cooler, UV-protected car interior.

Also, different needs can be met with its dual temperature feature. Switch between 752 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum of 1112 degrees with one action.

Even more, Seekone added an annular air outlet, as well as fast heating technology.

Not only does this heat gun heat up incredibly fast, but it also stays on for up to 500 hours, so it’s perfect for both small and complex projects.

The heating wires are made of nickel-chromium, and the whole kit comes with an overload protector to keep its flawless function.


  • Additional attachments
  • Heats up fast
  • Doesn’t burn even at maximum heat


  • A cool-down function should be included




Highlighted Features

  • Versatile use
  • Incorporated stand
  • 3 positions side handle
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Easy cooldown

Black & Decker is a trusted brand when it comes to heat guns. Exceeding the standards of a medium product, Black & Decker HG1300 provides efficiency, as well as easy use and special features.

The 2 temperature settings available make it perfect for any job, especially window tinting, and its lightweight adds to incredibly easy and comfortable use.

The best heat gun for window tinting should be simple to maneuver and should provide adequate positions that prevent muscle fatigue and muscle cramps.

As window tinting is not an easy job, not even when you have a tint meter, the brand added an adjustable side handle that can be placed in 3 different positions, so holding the heat gun doesn’t become a struggle in time.

Also, the compact design is another benefit that adds to the list. What sets this model apart is the built-in stand. This ensures an easy cooldown and proper function.

Your heat gun won’t overload and burn the items around it, not even if you put it down after an exhausting day of work. Balance it on the stand or its back and enjoy a break without worries.


  • You can balance the gun on its back
  • Solid ceramic pieces that merely separate the coil
  • The best resistance in the long run


  • Coils break from excessive use

06. STEINEL 110025597



Highlighted Features

  • 1600 Watts motor
  • 3 airstream speed settings
  • Double insulation
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Optimized weight balance
  • Changeable power cord

STEINEL is the future of heat guns. Creating more modern and efficient products, Steinel never seems to stop amazing its customers.

The best heat gun for window tinting is surely the one that incorporated both new, creative features and classic, weight-free use.

The tool comes with a balanced design, ergonomic shape, and an incorporated support stand that allows hands-free, fatigue-free work.

The gun is 20% more resistant than older models, evolving with every year. Also, toggling between temperatures has never been easier.

Set the perfect heat for the job by increasing or decreasing the actual temperature by 10 degrees with every button push.

The gun covers an excellent range, switching between 120 and 1140 degrees Fahrenheit with ease. In terms of aspect, the LCD adds a modern touch to the kit, so window tinting becomes a pleasure.

When it comes to safety, Steinel covers every aspect you could ever think of. The heat gun is delivered with a replaceable power cord, residual heat indicator, double insulation, and even a thermal cut.

You won’t find a safer product on the market than this model. Finally, as an elegant, useful detail, the brand added a hanger and a rubber stand to conveniently and safely rest the heat gun anywhere.


  • Incredible temperature control
  • It can be stable in the vertical position
  • Comes with 5 nozzles


  • The case is not qualitative




Highlighted Features

  • 3 position rocker switch
  • 3-wire grounded cord
  • Flexible Neoprene jacket
  • 540 degrees – 1000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 1300 Watts

While not that powerful, the 1300 Watts provided by MASTER APPLIANCE PH-1100 come with a compact, lightweight heat gun with an adjustable temperature setting.

What more do you need? Perfect for small jobs, this product along with a quality window tint meter is exactly what you need for an efficient window tinting job.

The hot air temperature can be set at 2 different values, 500 or 1000 degrees depending on the use.

The product covers multiple purposes, from removing rusted bolts, replacing floor tiles, or shrinking packaging film, it’s one of the most practical options available out there.

As an important tip, local overheating can be easily prevented by moving the gun back and forward when applying the floor tiles or the window tint.

Even the 3-wire cord set has exceptional quality in this set. It is made with sunlight and oil-resistant neoprene that ensures flexibility.


  • Made to last
  • Two blower setting
  • Enclosed Ceramic Heating Element


  • Doesn’t come with case % attachments




Highlighted Features

  • Incorporated storage hook
  • 1200 Watts
  • Heat control with 2 fan speeds
  • Corrosion-resistant nozzle
  • Extended use
  • The temperature switch incorporated into the handle

Designing the best heat gun for window tinting is not a piece of cake.

Even using it can give you a headache if you haven’t done your homework beforehand. Luckily, Wagner Spraytech came up with a kit that will finish the job quickly and provide the best results.

First of all, this heat gun comes with the classic dual temperature setting, reaching up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit in no time, but its functions extend way further.

The low noise design incorporates two fan speeds for efficient use. This way, the gun won’t be the source of annoyingly load noise in your garage, and it will keep itself protected from overloading.

Moreover, the rugged, high-impact, plastic body creates a durable frame, while the corrosion-resistant nozzle maintains a great function in any condition.

You can thaw frozen pipes, peel back floors and remove paint with no effort.


  • Solar panels can be optionally attached
  • It goes into a cooling mode after powering it off
  • Open vent feature


  • No standby function
  • It deteriorates in time

09. FOSHIO 1800W



Highlighted Features

  • Full window tinting kit
  • Squeegees for vinyl
  • Comes with a retractable utility knife
  • Heat gun with 2 nozzles
  • Dust-free gloves included
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle

FOSHIO takes the game to the next level and offers the whole window tinting kit on a plate. It’s perfect for starting in this field, as it comes with all the necessary items for window tinting, and even more.

The main product is, of course, the 1800 Watts heat gun, accompanied by an amazing variety of squeegees and even gloves to ensure your safety.

The gun is truly the best heat gun for window tinted, as its power and function are specially adapted for this function.

Additionally, the suede felt squeegee is what you need to create a smooth, bubble, and damage-free surface for the film.

The 3 Pcs tape with an adhesive backing that comes with the squeegee is easily replaceable for easy use in any scenario.

What’s impressive is that the kit comes with so many pieces and accessories that it’s hard to list them.

From a 10 Pcs Blade utility knife, and dust-free gloves to corner and mini squeegees, the brand truly added everything that you could ever think of.


  • Flexible micro squeegee
  • Incredible accessories included
  • Perfect as a starter kit


  • It may be difficult to operate




Highlighted Features

  • 1200 Watts heat gun
  • Extremely portable
  • Control dial to get the perfect temperature
  • Heat-aiming nozzle
  • Comes with 3 felt protective adhesive decals
  • Includes 3M toolkit with applicator squeegee

Another great example of efficiency when it comes to window tinting is VViViD. The brand offers a quality heat gun that heats as fast as you’d count to 10.

Its heat-aiming nozzle, as well as lightweight, high-impact body, are just a few reasons why the product is one of the best.

To make window tinting even easier, even without a car tint meter, the brand added some useful accessories.

The 1200 Watts heat gun has just the right power to complete the job, but the included 3M toolkit, as well as a blue applicator squeegee and 3 adhesive decals, are what impresses every user.

Get exactly what you need for window tinting, all in one wallet-friendly kit!


  • Efficient for heating vinyl
  • Reaches hot temperatures quickly
  • Adjustable heat setting


  • It may not heat as fast after the first uses




Highlighted Features

  • 4 vinyl magnet holders
  • 2 nozzles for the 1800W heat gun
  • Snitty safety vinyl film cutter included
  • Multi-functional
  • Mini squeegee & corner squeegee
  • Application Tool added

This is the dream of anyone who’s planning of tinting their car windows soon. Unlike other tinting sets, this kit comes with an incredible variety of items, making it multi-functional.

Pair it with a tint meter and use it now, then enjoy its durability and versatility for many other jobs in the future.

Control the liquid across the window’s surface with 10 different squeegees and use the large deflector nozzle and reduction nozzle for the best efficiency.

The kit even comes with a vinyl film cutter and a scraper for old paint. Even more, protect your hands with the working gloves that come with the package.

The last feature that makes this set unique is the 4 wrapping magnets used to hold the vinyl film. They make your life easier and improve the final results at the same time!


  • Great variety of tools
  • Powerful heat gun
  • 10 pcs different squeegee


  •  Not a professional blade

Buying Facts of Best Heat Gun For Window Tinting

We can agree that there’s an impressive variety of brands and models out there, but to find the best heat gun for your job and not get lost in everything the Internet has to offer, you need to consider some essential aspects first.

01. Power

The operating voltage is important when it comes to how fast the heat gun will reach its maximum temperature and what is that temperature.

While 1200 Watts is considered a decent voltage for window tinting, you should take into consideration that higher voltages of 1800 Watts provide multi-functionality and durability over long periods.

02. Adjustable Temperature Setting

The best heat guns for windows tinting should have at least a dual temperature setting, allowing you to adjust the heat to a low level of 400-600 degrees Fahrenheit and a high one, of 990-1250 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is important because different jobs require different temperatures, and if you decide to buy a heat gun, you’ll probably end up using it for more than window tinting later.

Even more, some heat guns come with an adjustable temperature setting, so you’ll be able to set it 10 degrees higher or lower with the push of a button.

03. Included Accessories For Window Tinting

Window tinting requires more than a heat gun. Here, keep in mind that you can also find entire tinting sets on the market.

They come with all the necessary items and are the best option if you’re new at this.

Search for kits that include working gloves, vinyl applicators, and various squeegees, like conquers, corner, mini, and felt ones, cutting tools, and why not, even wrapping magnets.

Add a tint meter to test the final results and you should be good to go.

04. Nozzles

There is a large variety of nozzles available out there. They concentrate the heat in a specific manner for each kind of job.

For a wider air distribution, fishtail nozzles are the perfect option, while reflector or reduction ones disperse the airflow to obtain faster heating and an even surface.

05. Ergonomic Design

When working on a project it’s easy to get carried away and find yourself at the end of the day in terrible muscle pain.

For jobs that involve the musculoskeletal system, using ergonomic tools and keeping a healthy position is the most important part.

That being said, always search for words like lightweight, stands, adjustable handlers, and stand-by functions.

It’s a must that your heat gun is not uncomfortable to use and that it can be safely placed down when you want to take a break, without posing any threats.

06. Overload Protection & Cool Down function

And as we just mentioned safety, these 2 functions are the main protection mechanism of any heat gun.

The overload protection maintains the durability of the tool, while also keeping you safe from extreme temperatures that cause terrible burns.

Also, the cooldown function makes sure that the gun slowly reduces its temperature when it’s not in use.

07. Unique Features

Last, but not least, there are always extra features that make a brand unique. Look for them as bonuses after the item ticked all the important aspects we’ve mentioned above.

Some examples are build-in LEDs to improve functionality during the night, cordless tools, and cases that keep the heat guns protected from dust and maintain their quality.

How Does it Work?

Now that everything about a heat gun’s design is clear, it’s time to consider how does it work?

You don’t need to be a professional to tint your windows, you only need to follow some simple steps.

  • Spray the piece of tint with soapy water and place it on the window. You’ll apply it on the interior side of the window, but the measurements and adjustments will be made using the outside part.
  • Uses a large squeegee to trap the excess film at the bottom and top of the window.
  • It’s then time to use the heat gun. This tool blows air over a filament that’s heated using electricity. Keep in mind to use it on the outside of the glass, as it can easily melt the vinyl film.
  • The heat gun will keep the tint pliable, so you can patiently remove all the air pockets and smoothen the area. A useful idea is to use a microfiber cloth or even a towel for this process.
  • To summarize, the heat gun will shrink the tint and allow you to smoothen its surface and get rid of any creases
  • Trim the tint to fit the window and flatten any new imperfection and apply the tint on the interior side of the glass.
  • Keep in mind that the windscreen must let in at least 75% light and the front side windows have a limit of at least 70% light transmission. You can check this aspect by using a tint meter

The General FAQs of Best Heat Gun For Window Tinting

01. How Can I Make Window Tinting Faster?

To summarize, the process is much more efficient when it’s performed in a dry and warm environment. Try to keep moisture, as well as cold as low as possible.

Using a heat gun is, of course, the best way to finish window tinting faster and with the best results.

02. Is a Hair Dryer a Good Alternative To a Heat Gun?

That’s the question on anyone’s mind when they first research the topic. The good news is that it’s possible to use it, but it depends on the window’s curvature and type of tint.

Moreover, the process will be complicated, so it will consume more time and the results won’t be a safe bet.

03. Can Glass be Cracked by a Heat Gun?

Glass can be easily cracked by the heat, so a heat gun won’t be the exception.

However, special temperature functions should be able to keep the heat at the perfect level for working on glass structures, such as windows, so always prepare your tools before starting any job.

04. Where Do You Apply Tint?

Always apply tint on the inside. It’s important to lay it on the exterior of the window first and trim it to create the perfect shape, but the actual application is made on the inside of the window.

05. Is a Heat Gun Dangerous?

Yes. A heat gun operated with extreme heat, so it’s incredibly dangerous, especially for kids. This is where overloading protection mechanisms and stand-by functions intervene.

Keep in mind that you can get a serious burn by touching a heat gun while it’s on, so respect all the safety measures mentioned on its user instructions.


Find the best heat gun for window tinting by analyzing in detail all the amazing brands on the market and their most appreciated models!

After that, all that’s left to do is learn how it functions and use it to get the best results for your vehicle.

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