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Top 11 Best Tint For Tesla Model 3 (A Complete Buyer’s Guide) 2022

The Tesla Model 3 is such an attractive vehicle. Anyone who drives one attains great satisfaction and pride in its aesthetics. Installing the best tint for Tesla Model 3 enhances the vehicle’s overall quality.

A reliable and top-quality tint optimizes the aesthetics, comfort, safety, energy conservation, and protection against harmful ultraviolet rays that could affect the interior and the skin of the people inside the vehicle.

Although many people understand the benefits/significance of installing the best window tint for Tesla Model 3. The primary concern is differentiating or selecting a dependable design from the available options.

To promote long-lasting upgrades in appearance, comfort, protection, and safety that anyone would be satisfied with. We have selected eleven (11) brands/designs that offer top value on investment.

MotoShield Pro, Tsolutions, Bogar Tech Designs, Decaldino, TRUE LINE Automotive, Autotech Park, SlickMod, Rvinyl Store, ZUBER, and AY Customs are exciting brands to look at.


A Comparison Table of 11 Best Tint For Tesla Model 3 of 2022

MotoShield Pro
Bogar Tech Designs
‎TRUE LINE Automotive
Autotech Park
AY Customs

What is The Best Tint For Tesla Model 3?

In a market filled with many window tint designs, getting the best deal (in terms of quality and price) could be challenging.

We understand this struggle, hence the decision to get to work and handpick some of the best designs anyone could purchase for the overall quality optimization.

Although the eleven (11) tints designs make a remarkable addition to the Tesla Model 3. We have decided to settle for the MotoShield Pro as our most preferred design.

Why MotoShield Pro is The Best Tint For Tesla Model 3?

MotoShield Pro is a reputable brand known for producing top-quality window tints that offer extended protection and safety.

It restricts harmful ultraviolet radiation by 99%, keeping the skin free from cancer and aging. The interior accessories/components are also protected from premature wear and fade.

When it comes to safety, sun glare is restricted. Hence, the driver won’t feel the heat on their face, improving visibility while driving on the road.

MotoShield Pro also possesses superior heat restriction properties, keeping the cabin’s temperature within a comfortable/relaxing level in hot weather.

11 Best Tint For Tesla Model 3 Reviews & Buying Guide

01. MotoShield Pro Premium Ceramic Window Tint – Best Quality Window Tint For Tesla Model 3



Highlighted Features

  • Hinders UV rays & infrared radiation up to 99%
  • All windows application
  • Precision-cut window tint
  • Available in several shades
  • Comes with basic tint tools
  • 43 x 2 x 2 inches in dimension

MotoShield Premium Ceramic Window Tint offers several features and benefits than the regular window tint. Being ranked the best window tint For Tesla Model 3 on our list is no coincidence.

Its primary purpose extends beyond hindering/restricting UV rays that can harm the skin and damage interior accessories/components. It also limits heat’s effect on comfort and battery usage/lifespan.

The Tesla Model 3 is designed with several impressive features for optimum safety and protection.

One of these features is the automatic activation of the air-conditioning system when the vehicle is directly exposed to the sun while parked outside.

Although this feature keeps the interior cool and protects the battery from overheating. Nevertheless, it drains the battery, depending on how long the air-conditioning system stays on.

MotoShield Premium Ceramic Window Tint lowers the effect of infrared radiation by reducing the cabin/interior temperature up to 25°.

This limits the amount of time needed/required for the AC system to stay on, keeping the interior comfortable without draining the battery extensively.

To eliminate worries or frustrations during the installation, avoid using the wrong/inappropriate tools.


  • Provides efficient interior cooling in warmer/hot weather
  • Protects the skin and interior components from harmful UV attack
  • Trimming is eliminated during installation/application
  • Built for long-lasting safety and protection


  • Installation video misses out on some vital application steps

02. Tsolutions‎ – Best Tint For Tesla Model 3



Highlighted Features

  • Precision cut reliable tint film
  • Equipped with air-release membrane
  • Scratch-resistance
  • Clear dark smoke color film
  • The installation manual is present

Tsolutions‎ is a top choice anyone could consider, especially individuals installing a window tint for the first time and desire something simple and effective.

The precision-cut makes the installation effortless, eliminating trimming or other possible adjustments during installation.

A top feature it possesses is the air-release membrane. Its primary purpose is to prevent stains that could result from bubbles during attachment.

Also, scratches resulting from poor handling do not stay permanently on the window tint. These marks are erased whenever it absorbs heat, keeping the tint clean and attractive for as long as possible.

Tsolutions‎ keeps the vehicle safe from ultraviolet rays, eliminating skin issues/complications such as cancer and aging. Also, the cabin experiences a significant heat reduction for improved comfort.

These benefits are achieved without interfering with the lighting functions or the need for any significant adjustments.


  • Bubble-free installation
  • Doesn’t compromise lighting functions
  • Smooth/effortless installation


  • The instruction manual could be more precise

03. Bogar Tech Designs – Best Window Tint For Tesla Model 3



Highlighted Features

  • ‎PPF tint material
  • Precision cut & high-grade
  • 3 mil thick
  • Packaged in two sets
  • 15 x 2 x 2 inches in dimension
  • 2 ounces in weight

Bogar Tech Designs is a great investment option for individuals looking for an affordable tail light tint kit that protects the lights from stains, dents, and damages due to poor road conditions.

It also optimizes the vehicle’s appearance by eliminating foggy/misty appearance that may result from exposure to UV radiation.

The package includes taillight tint overlays, side marker tint overlays, headlight eyelid tint overlays, and rear bumper reflector tint overlays to make up a complete kit.

If you are installing a tint for the first time. There is a huger possibility that the first installation/application won’t turn out great.

The experience may result in dissatisfaction, especially when the package comes in a single set, requiring the installer to purchase a new set.

This product eliminates the struggle. It comes in two (2) sets, giving the vehicle owner another chance at achieving an accurate installation, learning from the previous failed attempt.

The precision cut and the high-grade PPF tint material support stress-free installation. Nevertheless, do not neglect the importance of using the correct installation tools for the job.


  • Affordable design
  • Offers massive visual impact
  • Designed for long-lasting protection and safety
  • It supports both dry and wet applications.


  • Quality is not as great as the expensive options

04. Decaldino ‎Aa471



Highlighted Features

  • 2017-2020 Tesla Model 3
  • Rear reflector overlay tint film
  • High-grade graphic vinyl material
  • Two (2) tint options
  • Two units (left and right sides application)

Decaldino ‎Aa471 rear reflector overlay tint film is designed for the Tesla Model 3 (2017 to 2020). It is one of the most reliable options anyone would get on the market.

The package comes with two tint units. They support application/installation on the right and left sides, enhancing the reflector’s appearance and promoting adequate protection.

The ‎Aa471 rear reflector overlay tint film is available in two options. An interested buyer may settle for the Light tint (offering about 45% light transmission) or the dark tint (offering about 24% light transmission).

The installation is straightforward. It slots in perfectly, delivering impressive performance over a long period.

Premature wear that may occur due to frequent exposure to water (while washing the vehicle), snow, and rainfall is restricted.


  • Extended durability
  • Available in dark and light tints
  • Accurate fittings


  • No installation guide/manual

05. TRUE LINE Automotive 10486-full



Highlighted Features

  • Full kit (back & side windows)
  • Precut window tint
  • Wet installation
  • Top-quality tint shade options
  • 40 x 4 x 4 inches in dimension

TRUE LINE Automotive 10486-full is designed for everyone who needs a window tint that they can put together or install independently.

It doesn’t matter if this is the first installation; the precut design eliminates confusion & errors and reduces the installation time.

Nevertheless, the installer must understand the application process and have enough patience to achieve an accurate task.

Several helpful videos are available on YouTube highlighting/explaining the steps, the required tools and when and how to use them. These tips improve the installer’s confidence ahead of the task.

Do not perform the installation in a dark area. Avoid dust and other particles that could contaminate the surface to ensure the application turns out well.

If you are fascinated by the numerous qualities/attributes the TRUE LINE Automotive 10486-full offers.

Embrace due diligence before proceeding with the purchase. Do not purchase unless compatibility is confirmed.


  • Eliminates trimming
  • Reliable and top-quality design
  • Application/installation is smooth
  • Customer service is impressive


  • Stains/dents during installation remain permanent

06. Autotech Park ‎



Highlighted Features

  • 2018-2019 Tesla Model 3
  • Ultraviolet rays blockage (up to 99%)
  • 35% light transmittance
  • Precut custom window tinting film
  • Complete installation kit (rear and side windows)
  • Video installation tutorial

Autotech Park supports an independent installation. Nevertheless, the installer must dedicate enough time and patience to go through each step appropriately to get the work done.

The installation video tutorial explains/highlights the steps to achieve accurate application. Go over this video and several other ones on YouTube to boost your knowledge and experience of the task.

These Precut custom window tinting films arrive in the right shape, ensuring they match both the side windows and rear windshield, as intended.

They offer extended protection against UV rays, ensuring the interior retains its quality by preventing fading, peeling, and cracking across expensive accessories and components.

To avoid dissatisfaction that may arise from inaccurate fit. Make sure the installation is restricted to the compatible models (2018-2019)


  • Ensure accurate fitment
  • Supports independent application
  • It doesn’t scratch when squeezing out the bubbles


  • The quality of the packaging material could be improved

07. SlickMod ‎



Highlighted Features

  • ‎2017-2022 Tesla Model 3
  • Tail Light tint overlays
  • Precision computer precut
  • Top-quality translucent softened PVC film
  • 66 x 1.65 x 1.54 inches in dimension
  • 52 ounces in weight

SlickMod offers an affordable means of optimizing the vehicle’s appearance.

Individuals who are deliberate/intentional about their Tesla Model 3 aesthetics can easily apply these tint overlays across the tail lights to improve the level of attractiveness and protection.

The installation is somewhat easy. It is what anyone can perform using the right tools/materials.

Go through the manufacturer’s instructions and follow the steps as indicated for the best outcomes.

Apply the soapy solution as instructed and dedicate enough time and patience while using the heat gun for adequate drying.

If done accurately, they fit in well, making them a decent addition to your vehicle.

Although the quality doesn’t match the expensive options/designs. Nevertheless, it delivers a performance that is worth the money.


  • Enhances the vehicle look/appearance
  • Eliminates premature peeling, cracking, or shrinking
  • Can be removed easily without leaving stains or dents behind
  • Reliable adhesive backing


  • The film’s quality is lower than the expensive designs

08. Rvinyl Window Tint 2012-2020



Highlighted Features

  • Front windshield application
  • Precut window tint kit
  • Quick installation guide
  • Available in several shades
  • 1 pound in weight

Rvinyl is a top-quality tint option anyone could add/apply to the front windshield for improved visibility. It eliminates glare and protects the eyes from the impact of the bright sun.

It also assures excellent heat blockage, significantly reducing the temperature in the cabin/interior for improved comfort.

Other benefits include privacy optimization and the protection of the passengers and the interior from the harmful effect of ultraviolet rays.

Rvinyl is designed to slot in freely and accurately, ensuring easy and painless independent application.

The installer can proceed to the manufacturer’s website to download the instructions manual and watch the available videos to further improve their knowledge of the task.


  • Eliminates low visibility due to sun or headlight glare
  • Enhances the vehicle’s appearance
  • Adequate/reliable protection against UV rays


  • Doesn’t include any installation tools




Highlighted Features

  • Precut window tint kit
  • Lowers ultraviolet radiation up to 99%
  • Up to 60% heat reduction on hot days
  • Glare-free design
  • Complete kit (front, rear, and sides)

ZUBER is compatible with the Tesla Model 3, offering complete protection against the effect of infrared and ultraviolet radiation.

The kit comes with tint films for the front & rear windshields and the side windows.

They block/restrict harmful radiations from damaging the interior accessories, causing skin infections, or rendering the cabin uncomfortable/unbearable due to excessive heat (up to 60% heat reduction).

Also, the eyes are protected from glare resulting from exposure to direct sun and headlights of coming vehicles for improved visibility on the road.

Impressively, ZUBER offers the benefits mentioned above and more without interfering with electronic devices’ signals/connections.

While placing an order for your vehicle. Fill in the requested details appropriately. Insert the vehicle’s model year and the preferred tint percentage for top-level customization and perfect fit.


  • Protects the skin from spots, wrinkles, and cancer
  • Ensures the interior retains its quality and attractiveness
  • Doesn’t compromise electronic devices connections or signals


  • The application guide is missing

10. AY Customs ‎



Highlighted Features

  • ‎Tail light + reflector tints
  • Compatible with headlight eyebrow film
  • Precision laser cut
  • 87 x 12.87 x 0.28 inches in dimension
  • 4 ounces in weight

AY Customs improves the vehicle aesthetics by delivering an aggressive and sporty appearance. The upgrade promotes/offers an extra touch of style and elegance.

Hiring a professional may be ideal for getting the job done, considering how tricky working with vinyl could be, especially for individuals who do not have previous experience.

However, if by any means the installer is deliberate about an independent application, achieving the best outcomes requires a lot of time and patience.

The installation manual that comes in the pack is basic, missing out on several critical steps to guide the installer, especially how to wrap the tail lights effortlessly.

Hence, the installer must be willing to watch several installation videos to have a clear and practical understanding of getting the job done.


  • Retains its firmness, irrespective of the driving speeds
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Can be removed easily at any point in time


  • The installation could be challenging for a first time installer

11. ‎Rvinyl ‎(2017-2020)



Highlighted Features

  • 2017-2020 Tesla Model 3
  • Rear and sides windows
  • Precut window tint kit
  • Online installation guide
  • 1 pound in weight

It doesn’t matter why a vehicle owner may decide to get their windows tinted. The Rvinyl delivers exciting benefits, ensuring everyone gets the expected results.

Besides optimizing the vehicle’s aesthetic and privacy, it also shuts out the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on the passengers and the interior components/accessories.

The drivers and their passengers won’t have to worry about skin cancer or aging; neither would the interior accessories peel, fade, or crack prematurely.

Also, heat is efficiently regulated during hot days, lowering the cabin’s temperature for improved comfort.

The Rvinyl supports significant glare reduction and keeps the eyes away from the impact of direct sunlight for improved visibility and safety on the road.


  • Accurately fit
  • Enhances privacy
  • Provides adequate protection against UV rays
  • Reduces glare distraction significantly


  • Doesn’t come with installation tools

The Buying Factors of The Best Tint For Tesla Model 3

01. Price

Finding a quality product at a price that won’t stand in the way of crucial financial commitments is not as difficult as anyone could imagine.

With extensive research, individuals looking for an affordable yet dependable option will get a product that meets their needs and expectations from the hundreds of available brands out there.

Decide on a budget and look for products offered within that price.

Once you have a list of options to pick from, with emphasis on reputable brands. Settle for anyone that corresponds to or meets desired performance expectations or needs.

Nevertheless, having a robust budget eliminates the issues/challenges of product selection.

Vehicle owners can easily choose a design they are satisfied with or fascinated about from any top brand, eliminating the need for rigorous research. Having a robust budget also extends purchase options.

02. Needs

There are several reasons an individual could decide to tint their vehicle. Identify these needs and choose a design that offers or delivers them.

For instance, if the aim of tinting your vehicle’s window is to restrict infrared and UV radiation for improved safety and protection. Settle for a design that offers the best reduction percentage or outcomes.

In a situation where the main goal is to enhance the aesthetics. Especially for an aggressive and sleeker appearance. The vehicle owners may tint the tail light alongside the windows and windshield.

03. Brand

An effortless approach that anyone could deploy when looking for a reliable tint film for their Tesla Model 3 application is to restrict their search and purchase to notable brands.

To achieve a remarkable value on your investment (satisfying and long-lasting performance).

Avoid unpopular/unverifiable products, irrespective of the promises or how affordable the price could be.

04. Fitment

Choose a design built/made specifically for your Tesla Model 3.

Check the model year written in the product description. In case this information/detail is missing, talk to the vendor.

Alternatively, the buyer can use the “customize now” tab to confirm compatibility and availability by inserting necessary information about the vehicle, including the shade option.

05. Tesla Model 3 Tint Percentage

Tint percentages are state-specific. Every state in the United States of America has its requirements and guidelines on the acceptable tint percentage for the front sides, rear sides, and front & rear windshields.

For instance, Tesla Model 3 owners living in Alabama can tint the front sides, rear sides, and rear windshield up to 32%.

In Alaska, the requirement is different. The state permits vehicle owners to tint the front sides up to 70% and 40% tint percentage for the rear sides and rear windshield.

Most states permit/accept a tint that doesn’t go below the AS1 line for the front windshield.

Basically, the higher the percentage, the lighter the tint. A lower tint percentage means a darker tint application.

The General FAQs of Best Tint For Tesla Model 3

01. What Are The Benefits/Advantages of Precut Tint?

By settling for a precut tint, errors that could result from cutting the film individually/manually, especially for individuals new to the task, are significantly reduced.

A compatible precut tint doesn’t require trimming or other adjustments. This supports effortless and timely application

02. How is Tint Application/Installation Carried Out?

The steps involved in applying tint on the vehicle include surface cleaning, heat shrinking, and installation.

The installation method could be wet or dry. Wet installation involves the use of a soapy solution.

03. What is The Price of a Top-Quality Tint?

The cost of purchase is dependent on a few factors. These are the tint type, where you live, the brand, and the purchase channel.

Usually, the purchase is relatively cheaper online compared to vehicle accessories stores.

On average, top-quality ceramic tints may cost between $200 and $400 for the affordable options.

Individuals interested in premium designs or who can afford the expensive options should be prepared to pay as much as $1200.

04. What Causes The Tint To Produce Bubbles?

This issue is common among low-quality designs. It is linked/connected to continuous exposure to the sun, which renders the adhesive weak or ineffective.

Once the adhesive is weak, it detaches from the glass surface, thereby causing/producing bubbles.

Although there have been a few reports of this issue among top-quality designs due to installation errors. If the tint is not installed correctly, it could bubble.

05. How Long Can a Tint Stay on The Application Surface?

High-quality tints are designed to attach to the window for a lifetime, lasting throughout the vehicle’s lifespan.

In most cases, they are removed when the vehicle owners desire an upgrade, making way for a new/modern design to give the vehicle a refreshing look.


When you go through the information provided in this guide and clearly understand your tint needs/requirements.

We believe anyone will be able to choose the best tint for Tesla Model 3.

We have provided various designs/brands cutting across diverse needs (windows, windshields, and tail lights tinting) and benefits.

Go through these products and settle with anyone that meets the needs and budget.

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