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Can I wash my car two days after tint? – Advice from Expert

Tinting a vehicle may be pretty exciting for a car lover. Not only because it provides privacy but also because it adds a fashionable and polished aesthetic to the car.

When many people add this modification to their vehicle, they wash it immediately and take it for a drive. Is it permissible to wash it only two days after tinting the car, or do they need to wait a little longer to show off their new look?

This article discusses how long a car owner should wait before cleaning a freshly tinted vehicle. It also explains how to clean your truck correctly after tinting it.



Can I wash my car two days after the tint?

Washing your automobile two days after putting tint film on your vehicle may be considered too soon.

Tint films have adhesive backings that take longer to dry. As a result, washing your car just two days after installation may cause damage to the tint film.

Washing your automobile before it dries isn’t the only thing that might be bad for the tint film. For example, if you roll your windows before the tint film has adhered to the glass, the film may slip out of place. This damage could be tears on the tint film, bubbles, or even holes in the tint film.


How long after tinting a car can you wash it?

Before washing your automobile, you should wait at least three days or 72 hours. It would be best to stay at least three days since the tint film may stick to the window pane during that period.

Even after three days, if you discover the tint film is not adequately adhered to the glass, you should avoid cleaning it. It is due to the possibility of further damage to the tint film.

Tint films are often expensive materials and are significantly more costly to install. However, waiting until the perfect time to wash your car might save you the money it would take to have a new tint film put on.


Can you wash your car windows after getting tinted?

In general, installers place window tint films on the interior of automobile windows. So, after installing the tint film, it may be okay to wash the exterior of your automobile windows.

However, it would help if you do not wash the automobile’s inside after applying the tint film. Before proceeding, it would be best to wait until the glue has completely dried.

Also, if the installers put the tint film on the exterior of the automobile window, you should not wash it immediately. You risk damaging the job and replacing the tint film as time passes.


How to clean the window after tinting?

Cleaning your windows correctly after tinting improves the overall appearance of your car. It also guarantees that your tint film remains placed adequately for an extended period.

Here are tips on how to clean your window after tinting;

  • Wait three days or seventy-two hours before cleaning or rolling down the window. Following this, your tint film should firmly grasp the window pane.
  • After the first three days of installation, create a routine for cleaning the windows that would work for you and adhere to it.
  • Before attempting to wipe the windows, thoroughly clean the entire car. If you clean the windows before cleaning the rest of the vehicle, you risk getting dirt all over them again.
  • Choose an ammonia-free cleaning solution. Ammonia is a compound that doesn’t bond well with the adhesive used on the tint film, and this might cause the window to become blurry or even color change. So to avoid deteriorating the tint layer, use an ammonia-free cleaning solution.
  • A DIY solution of water and vinegar may suffice. It is inexpensive and straightforward to produce.
  • Choose a tool you know will work for you when cleaning the window. For example, you might use a microfiber towel to clean the windows because it does not scratch them.
  • Before you begin wiping the glass, park the car in a shaded area. It would allow you to search for particularly filthy regions of the window.
  • Before spraying all the panes, choose a small part of the back windows and spray the cleaner on it. If you observe anything weird on the little part after wiping it with a microfiber towel, do not use that spray on the windows.
  • Wipe off each window with a soft cloth and the ammonia-free or homemade solution.
  • Wipe the leftover liquid off the window surface with a tiny squeegee from top to bottom. Take your time with this.
  • If any liquid remains on the edges of the window tint film, wipe it down with a bit of cloth.

You might also talk to your installer about the best technique to clean the windows and the best materials to use on the windows. After this, your newly tinted windows should be spotless and ready for a drive around town.


What happens if I wash my car after I tint my windows?

If you wait a few days after tinting your vehicle before washing it, you should be fine and have no worries about the tint film failing.

It would be best if you did not wash it immediately after tinting the vehicle. You shouldn’t wash it immediately because the adhesive used on the tint film takes a few hours to dry, if not two to three days.

If you wash it before it completely dries or soon after applying the tint film, you may add a lot of moisture. This moisture will slow down the drying process and, in most circumstances, cause the tint film to break off.

Premature washing may also form holes, rips, or bubbles on the tint layer. In addition, it will make the tint film an eye sore, which contradicts one of the reasons you applied it to your vehicle in the first place.


What can you not do after tinting a car window?

It would help if you avoided a few things to keep your tint films in the best possible condition and serve you for as long as possible. They are as follows:


Do not park your car under the sun for extended periods.

Your tint film may deteriorate if you leave your car in the sun for a lengthy period. When tint films are applied, the sun is typically at fault when they dry or crack. It results from sap and other particles hitting the car’s windshield. As a result, while attempting to remove the liquid, the tint film can come off the window.


Do not neglect abnormalities in the tint.

Ignoring little air bubbles or abnormalities in your tint film might harm the tint film. You can resolve this problem by gently pushing it towards the edge using a scraping instrument or credit card. You do not need the assistance of a specialist to help you fix it.


Do not roll the window down immediately after installation.

When you roll down your automobile windows just after installing tint films, you risk damaging the window tints.

It would help if you left the windows as they are until they are scorched. Then you can check whether the installer put the tint film correctly. If they are not, you may have the automobile redone.



How long does it take for a tint to dry?

The vehicle film can dry in two to four days, depending on when the brightest sun is shining in the summer. So if you tint your car’s windows in the winter, you may have to wait three to four weeks before the tint completely adheres to the automobile window.


Does rain damage recently tint windows?

If the installer places the tint film on the exterior, rain might cause difficulties with the window tint. Conversely, rain does not pose an issue for most automotive tint films because they are on the inside.


Does the car tint get darker as it dries?

When a vehicle tint dries, it seems as if it becomes a darker shade, although the opaque appearance is typically not apparent.


Can you use paper towels to clean tinted windows?

When cleaning tinted windows, avoid using paper towels. Paper towels have scratchy fibers that might harm the tint on your windows.


Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean tinted windows?

When washing automobile windows with tinting, rubbing alcohol is effective. It is an alcohol-based disinfectant. It aids in the breakdown of stains for effective and thorough cleaning of automobile windows.



It is critical to be patient after applying tint films to your car windows before washing them. It would be best to avoid anything that might cause injury and prevent the tint films from drying correctly.

When it is dry, use the tools and cleaning solutions recommended by the installer to clean the car properly so you don’t waste time waiting.

After that, you may go on a drive in your automobile! It is always worthwhile to wait a few days before cleaning your newly colored car!

Remember to update the window tint when it shows symptoms of wear or when it becomes old.

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