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What Does 70 Percent Window Tint Look Like in Your Car

70 Percent Window Tint

The topic that’s going to be discussed is 70 percent window tint. But before jumping into the matter, why 70 percent? Well, it’s the tint used by most states in the USA, next to the 50 percent tint users. More importantly, what’s a window tint? Why is it done? What are its particulars? A thin, …

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Car Window Tint Laws in Michigan With Explained Updates

Car Window Tint Laws in Michigan

Over the last decade, window tinting popularity has grown immensely among vehicle owners. Hence, individuals who live and drive in Michigan must get familiar with window tint laws in Michigan, especially if you are thinking of performing this upgrade anytime soon. Besides keeping out ultraviolet radiation and excessive heat from the cabin or interior to …

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5 Best Window Tint Meter in 2022 – Worth For The Money

Best Window Tint Meters

The best window tint meter gives an accurate/appropriate reading of the visible light transmittance specific to a vehicle’s window tint. It checks or inspects the window’s transparency, testing/analyzing the amount of visible light that flows through by relying on a light sensor. In the end, it displays the report of the tint darkness on the …

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