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What happens if I roll my car window down after tint- Guide of 2022

Have you been nursing the idea of tinting the windows of your car but are scared of what will happen afterward? Are you worried about whether you will be breaking any laws, or whether the entire process is even worthwhile?

If you are someone who values privacy both at home and in your car, then tinting your car windows would be worth your while. 

Continue reading to learn more about what could happen if you mistakenly rolled down your already tinted windows. We will also be looking into some reasons why you should consider tinting your car windows. The steps involved in tinting, and also the laws guiding tinting.

For those who may not be aware, window tinting simply refers to the process of darkening your car windows by placing a thin laminate film over them. 

The whole process is simple and can be done in DIY style, but it is advisable to allow professionals to do it. They have more expertise, know what will be best for you, and can accomplish the task quicker than you will.



Reasons Why you might consider tinting your car window?

Apart from aesthetics, window tinting has other benefits.

It helps prevent the fading of your car’s interior upholstery. The window film blocks harsh sunlight, reducing its impact on your car’s interior. This helps prevent cracking and discoloration of your seat and dashboard.

Tinting your car windows can help block dangerous and harmful ultraviolet rays from entering your car. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the body as they are known to cause cancer and hasten age.

The tinted film has the ability to hold together shattered glass. In an accident where the windows are shattered, passengers are protected against flying glass shards. This is because the tint holds the glass pieces together.

Privacy is another reason to consider tinting your car windows. Depending on the shade of window tint you choose, it can provide you and your passengers some level of privacy and security. Other pedestrians and motorists will not be able to see what is going on in your car. This keeps you at ease and gives you peace of mind.


What happens if I roll my window down after tinting?

Not all tinted windows are done in a tint shop. Most car manufacturers offer cars with factory-fitted tinted glasses. If you happen to have one of these, then you shouldn’t be worried about rolling down your window.

Anyone can make the mistake of rolling down their car windows while forgetting they just had the tint done. 

Imagine being in the tint shop and about to leave after successfully tinting your windows. You get in your car and start the ignition. Then, as with your usual routine, you subconsciously roll down your window as you back out of the shop. This can happen to anyone. But that is not an excuse to be careless. 

The problem with rolling your newly tinted window down is that as the glass rolls into the window motor, it can scrape off the film from the glass. It is advisable to wait between 3 and 5 days for the film to completely cure. 

So, avoid rolling down your windows until you are sure that the window tint is completely dry. The time it will take for the window tint to dry is dependent on the weather conditions at that moment.

Window tinting done during the summer season when the weather is hot will set faster. Your newly tinted window should be set and ready in 2 to 4 days. During the winter period, it will take longer for the window tint to dry. Allow the window tint to dry for about a week before use.

In situations like this, try not to panic or attempt to fix it yourself. Roll the window back up and return to the tint shop. If you are lucky, the damage done could be minimal and salvageable. The workers should be able to fix the window, and you will be on your way.

But if the damage done is massive, you will, unfortunately, need to have that tint redone. That means you’ll spend twice as much as you planned.

Apart from rolling down your window, there are other things you need to reduce or completely stop doing till your window tint dries. 

Do not drive in dusty or sandy areas after a window tint job. Dust particles might get stuck inside the wet film. Also, do not touch any air bubbles you see on the window. Allow the professionals to handle that. And finally, do not wash the car after a tint job.


 How to tint car window

Tinting your car windows yourself is not that difficult. With the right tools and proper knowledge, you should be able to successfully tint your car. 

  • Step 1

The first step will be preparing the window you wish to tint. Start by scraping off any sticker or adhesive present on the window. You want a clean window with nothing left on it. 

  • Step 2

Using soapy water and a razor blade, clean up the surface of the window. For the soapy water, you can mix dishwashing soap with warm water and pour it into a spray bottle.

Spray the soapy solution all over the surface of the glass. While Using the razor blade, scrape away any dirt found on the surface of the glass. Roll down the window a bit to reach all the edges of the glass. Use a clean rag to dry the window.

  • Step 3.

Spray the outside part of the window with the soapy water solution and place the tinting firm on it to cover the entire surface. Use your razor blade to cut out the shape of the window. Cut along the edges and bottom carefully.

  • Step 4

Try to match the film with the outside window by adjusting it along the surface. Leave around a half inch of film on each edge. Continue adjusting and cutting off excess film till it fits the window perfectly. 

  • Step 5.

Prep the inside part of the window by cleaning it with soapy water and a soft sponge.

  • Step 6

Remove the outer layer of the tint. Use fresh water to Spray the exposed sticky part.

  • Step 7

Gently place the side of the film with adhesive on the inner part of the window. Try to perfectly line up the edge of the film with its corresponding edge on the window. 

  • Step 8

Roll down the window a little so the top edges can be aligned accordingly. Continue adjusting until the film is lined up perfectly with the window on all edges.

  • Step 9

Using a hard edge,  smoothen out the window. Continue spraying with soapy water so as not to damage the film as you smooth it. 


Things You Have to Do After Tinting Car Windows

After a successful tinting job is done, there are some things you need to adhere to.

More importantly, do not roll down your window after tinting. This will damage the film by scraping it off the body of the window system.

Stay away from car washes: whatever you do, stay away from all car washes. Do not wash your car after tinting or when the tinting film is not set. 

Another thing you should do is let the window tint dry completely. You might be tempted to touch the tinted windows, but please don’t. Allow the tint to dry completely for a few days before touching it.

Allow tiny air bubbles in new window tints to be. It is not strange to see fresh tints with bubbles. It just needs time to be fully set. Do not touch the bubbles, but instead leave them alone as they will disappear in a short time.


Window tint legal limit (in the USA)

In the United States, it is not illegal to tint your car windows, but the degree to which you can go depends on the state you reside in. 

In some states, like Arizona, you can tint your car glass, allowing for at least 35% luminous reflection. 

Some states only allow vehicles like trucks and buses to tint only the top 6 inches of the entire glass.

Before tinting, search for the law guiding your area so as not to get into trouble with law enforcement.



  • How long after tinting can I put the windows down? 

Depending on the weather conditions at the time. If the weather is hot, you should wait between 2 and 4 days. But in cold situations, you will need to wait for a week so it can fully dry.


  • What type of window tinting is best?

The best type of window tint will depend on what you are looking for. But the ceramic film is considered the best material for now.


  • Does tint keep the car cooler?

Yes. It blocks ultraviolet rays, which cause heat to enter your car.


  • How long does tint last on a car?

Tint can last up to 5 years on a car.


  • Which tint is better: carbon or ceramic?

Ceramic tints are better when compared to carbon tints in terms of durability and quality.

Final Thoughts 

Adding tint to a car is easy and inexpensive. If you are not feeling confident that you can do the job, it is advisable to employ the services of a professional tint fixer. Also, make sure you check out the laws guiding tinting in your state before embarking on fixing one.

If you mistakenly rolled down your glass, just return to the tint shop so they can fix it up for you. Do not attempt to repair the damage, as you could be making it worse.

And finally, always remember to give your window tint enough time to dry before rolling down your window.

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