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How To Remove Light Scratches From Window Tint – Fix the Spots

Attaching the window tint on your vehicle is a decision of protecting the car from a lot of obstacles. But suddenly you noticed the vehicle got scratches from the tint that make things difficult to see! Now, what can you do and how to remove light scratches from window tint?

Tint basically performs as a protective thin film layer. However, if it’s about any minor spots then you can simply remove and replace the film. Also, the repairing idea we try is separate the scratched section, make it wet, remove the affected area and glue, and finally add a new vehicle tint. However, taking a professional’s assistance is highly suggested if you are a newbie about fixing tint.

Depending on the damage or marks in the tint, we have some solutions waiting below. So, don’t leave the article just before grabbing your solutions to removing any light scratches from the car. 


Where Do Glass Scratches Come From?

what causes car window scratches

We cannot clearly say the exact thing that can cause the car’s window tint to scratch. Additionally, it might happen when the window tinting workers use low-quality materials or fail to customize the film accordingly. However, the following circumstances are the main  culprits to blame:

  • Not cleaning properly
  • Dirt between seals and glass
  • Unexpected ring scratches
  • Cracks or damages
  • Dirt from the road
  • Grimy wipers on the windshield.

Can Light Scratches Be Removed From Windows?

Recently, a user noticed a scratch on the rear glass of the hard top. Although the spots are not particularly large or massive, the Jeep Wrangler looked bothersome. So, is there anything to do with the light scratch in the tinted glass?

If it were a normal glass window scratch then you could use white toothpaste or mild abrasive liquid-type soap to clean the marks. However, yes, it’s possible to remove scratches from the car’s tinted window but it will be a little bit difficult. That’s why we suggest replacing the tinted glass. Or if you want to fix it, use a tinted window scratch repair kit, or maybe our tips will be enough to give you fresh glass again!

How To Tell If Tint Is Scratched?

Many window scratches cannot be seen until after the film is included, even in new cars. However, tinted scratches are seen on some signs.

Usually, the tint can visible if you run your fingernail very lightly over the rear and forth area. Also, you can check the outside to determine whether it’s on the inside or outside of your vehicle glass.

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When Should You Fix a Scratched Tinted Window?

Usually, we replace the vehicle window tint every 5 years. But unfortunate situations like cracking or scratches call for replacement much earlier. But typical signs that say you need to replace the window film include fading, discoloring or becoming purple, bubbling, unsticking, peeling, or surface scratches.

Tint not matching the vehicle model is a great hassle! Actually, the problem is with the improper installation of the tint and maybe the material is not good. However, you should be careful about the installation plus other facts like the quality of the tint since it ensures safety against hazardous UV rays and high temperatures.

How To Remove Light Scratches From Window Tint: Steps To Follow

how to remove scratches from window tint

In vehicles, scratches are common! But with the proper maintenance, you can secure it from any light marks or damages. However, the average tint specialist can fix the tint spots in around 30 minutes. In general, the ideal solution is to remove the scratched tint and replace the new one. But we have some extra tips provided below.

Remove And Replace Tint

Consider that your dog damaged the car’s window tint. Despite the light scratch, the tint looks dirty a little. So, can we fix the dog-scratched window tint? The answer is, yes you can and we would like to let you know the replacement method first.

Step 1

Use a razor blade to cut the scratched area apart. Until you reach the glass, slice through the tint and ensure you separate all the layers. Remember that cutting the rectangular part makes the replacement job easier after removal.

Step 2

Get the spray bottle and spray the spot well with water and wash away any dirt with a cloth. Remember that, the damaged tint should be moistened, but not so deeply that the water goes down the window.

Step 3

Next, it’s time to use the razor under one of the edges of the damaged area and use it as a pry tool. Slide your razor rear and forth until tables are formed from increasing amounts of film. Avoid using force when you take the damaged tint section away from the window to prevent any further damage.

Keep in mind that, if the part is not completely cut through, glue or adhesive will remain on the glass. Now, razor off the tint carefully to ensure all the layers are saved, and you should detach the part in one piece. 

Step 4

The necessary part is to remove glues by using the razor and water sprays while being rolled into manageable-sized balls. And we have to wipe it with clothes.

Step 5

Now, cut a piece of tinted film that matches the cutout area but a little bit larger is required. Spray the piece with water then remove the tint film’s transparent plastic covering. After that, apply the adhesive side to the section. Since we mentioned bubbles are a culprit, make sure you remove them with a squeegee. 

Step 6 

The scratch consists of two roughly 5″ long parallel lines. Where one of which we refer to as the hairline and the other one is a little big in size with white color with rough spots. Therefore, use the seams of the removed part as a guideline, and attach the new tint with the proper size. 

Using Glass Scratch Filler Kit

If you don’t have time to fix the minor scratches, go and get the window tint repair kit. This set includes specialized application pads along with a glass polish compound However, let’s share the steps to fix the tint marks.

Step 1

First of all, select whether you follow the DIY method or complete the task by a serviceman.

Step 2

Product instructions say, to apply the polishing compound to the dried and cleaned minor scratched glass.

Step 3

But make sure you avoid using too many materials or forcefully rubbing the scratched part will eventually make more damage.

Toothpaste Or Soap Method

use toothpaste to remove scratches on car

Upset about the scratch on your car? Don’t worry! If your car has factory tint, you can remove scratches by using toothpaste and a fresh moist cloth. Additionally, you will need a few more things like:

  • White toothpaste.
  • Mild abrasive pumice soap.
  • Old cloth or soft rag.

Remember, the toothpaste method is only applicable when you have light scratches. But how does toothpaste remove scratches on a window’s glass? Let’s check out the directions below.

Step 1

First of all, let the spot dry after cleaning it. We decide to use pumice soap since it helps to clean grease, stuck dirt, or grime.

Step 2

Then, use a damp rag and a small amount of toothpaste.

Step 3

Gently rub the scratch in a circular motion while applying a little pressure. Here toothpaste works like a paste grinder that removes a very thin coating of glass.

Step 4

Next, rub it approximately for 30 seconds.

Step 5

Then, use the rag to wipe away the toothpaste and ensure the scratch has been polished.

Using Glass Buffing or Polishing Product

can you polish scratches out of tinted windows

The idea of using buff glass scratches is quite good. You can fix it by removing the doors and placing something that we call “mole skin” all along the edge of the door that causes scratches. Therefore, we suggest paste-based glass or metal polishing products. If you want a more clear idea, check out all the steps below.

Step 1

First, apply the polish as directed, and always be careful to not apply excessive amounts.

Step 2

After that, remove the dirt or any excess with the wet cloth.

Step 3

However, you can instead make a paste by mixing an adequate amount of water and baking soda in a bowl. 

Step 4

Then, rub the paste in a circular style into the scratch. And if you have toothpaste with baking soda, the job becomes much easier.

Fine Steel Wool

The problem now is that a user’s Ford Focus with factory-installed back-tinted windows. We found a good wax that can remove the simple spots. But what if it doesn’t work? We got steel wool to reduce the light spots on your vehicle’s window tint.

However, use a fresh pad for buffing to overcome the possible risk of dirt or rust accumulation caused by older wool that might ultimately cause new scratches. Just before the method, you will need Fine #0000 steel wool. Whatever, let’s check the direction part now.

Step 1

First, rub the scratch with steel wool in a circular movement for a few minutes.

Step 2

Now, rinse off the residue after completing it and ensure there is no scratch left.

Nail Polish Idea

Do you have nail polish on a vanity table? Take it and try the nail polish short-term fixing idea. We believe a lot of car owner who is suffering from minor scratches in their car will enjoy utilizing this idea since it requires less amount of money.

But you might be thinking “Will nail polish damage car paint?” Well, you will need a nail polish remover and sandpaper to fix it. And yes, there is a chance of additional damage therefore you should be careful to avoid nail polishing on the unaffected side since the color will not match. However, let’s try this process but just before that get some things like:

  • Clean nail polish
  • Nail polish remover
  • Paper towel or clean rag.

Now, let us share the steps that we should maintain while removing any minor spots from the car. Don’t forget that, major scratches cannot be fixed by this idea.

Step 1

Paint the entire scratch section with a thin layer of nail polish.

Step 2

Wait for an hour or 60 minutes to let it dry. For the best result, invest in several coats.

Step 3

Now, use a cloth lightly wet with nail polish remover to wipe away the surface. Make sure you remove any extra polish that has been developed outside the scratch.

Note: If the scratches come accidentally or due to vandalism, you can contact the vehicle insurance company. Having full or collision insurance will offer you to fix the car without any trouble.

What Is The Most Cost-efficient Way To Fix Scratched Window Tint?

We found using plastic wax as a cost-effective idea for the light scratches made in tint. Or the best idea would be to replace the tint. In general, we found car scratches can be removed by investing around  $150-$1000. Therefore, the DIY method would be the best solution.

We also discovered that spraying ammonia on the damaged or spotted area is a good solution that is effortless. Simply, spray ammonia, and scrub the area with steel wool to remove the light scratches.


Below we have some frequently asked questions on “Can you fix window tint effortlessly or not? So, don’t miss this crucial part of the content.

1. How do you fix window tint scratches?

Fix your window tint scratches just by following the steps:

Step 1: Use razor blades to separate the scratchy parts and don’t forcefully remove the tint.

Step 2: Moisten the removed area.

Step 3: Affected area should also be removed.

Step 4: Remove the adhesive or glue.

Step 5: Put the new window tint.

2. How does toothpaste remove scratches on a window’s glass?

White plain toothpaste with mild soap takes away the minor spots easily. You’ll have to rub the scratched area for thirty seconds. Then wipe it with a cloth. But if it’s toothpaste with baking soda, the marks will be unseen for sure.

3. Can deep scratches on a car window be fixed?

Yes, it can be fixed or you will require replacing the tint. However, we cannot ensure that the deep scratches will be fixed but if you met a professional, they will definitely say whether you’ll have to repair or replace the tint. 
Since the window tint is made with strong elements, it’s a little messy to remove the total scratches from the car. But you can try minor scratch-removing solutions to lessen the spots.

4. Will vinegar damage tinted glass?

vinegar with water is one of the best cleaning solutions. It not only cleans surfaces but also removes dirt and clears oils. We, therefore, believe the vinegar solution won’t affect the window tint.

Final Words

So what we have learned from this article is how to remove light scratches from window tint just by following some easy ideas and steps. Though we especially recommend replacing the window tint, you can also try using wax, toothpaste and soap idea, a scratch filler kit, using steel wool or nail polish to polish the minor marks in the car.

Just before that, make sure you know what caused the fracture on your vehicle glass. However, don’t forget to be cautious about any further damage that might happen to your excessive pressure while following the steps to clean the tint.

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