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Can You Use Windshield Wipers After Tint – Facts to Know

Do you want to keep the windscreen protected from rain, snow, moisture, or any debris? Just attach the rubber piece to a metal frame windshield wiper on your car. But the common problem with us is not knowing when to use the wiper and whether can you use windshield wipers after tint or not.

Since tint films are often attached to the inside of your vehicle’s windows, you can use your windshield wipers after getting the tint. However, you should avoid using any rubbing item on the window for at least 3 to 4 days. Additionally, windshield tinting has been announced as illegal in several states until it’s too dark.

Before you attach the windshield wipers, make sure you know what you should do after window tinting. However, further reading will be more informative so don’t leave before you lessen your hunger to know if you can or how we should use windshield wipers.


Why Do Cars Need Windscreen Wipers?

windshield wipers for my car

Windscreen wipers are mostly used during the rainy season or in the colder climate when there is snow or ice. Additionally, dirt can be cleaned to provide a clear sight while you drive.

Wipers are a blessing, especially during dust storms or heavy rainfall. These shielding and protecting blades are most often constructed of rubber and will last around six months to one year.

Can You Turn Windshield Wipers On After Tint?

Usually, tint films are placed outside, so you can turn the windshield wipers after window tinting. Now, Let us share how we operate tinting windows and wipers.

  • Typically, you start the vehicle, insert the key and activate the windscreen wipers.
  • After that, exactly whenever the wipers are pointed straight up towards the roof, turn off the power.
  • It actually allows you to flip up your wipers and have complete access to the windshield.

But if you ask, can I roll my tinted windows down after 24 hours? No, you should give time to make the tinting dried out then you won’t have to hesitate about using windshield wipers.

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Is It Illegal To Have Tint On Windshield – 7 Legal and Illegal Facts

is tinting the windshield legal

Basically, the driver cannot operate the windshield wiper system while seated in a driving position. Also, windscreen wipers are a legal requirement for all cars out there. However, before you consider getting authorization to use wipers legally, you need to know a few crucial facts that are given below.

  1. The National Road Traffic Act expects all cars with windshield wipers to clean any obstacles like rain, snow, or other moisture.
  2. The windshield must be in good condition according to state laws.
  3. According to Oregon Public Law, when you operate a vehicle on the highway that has a windshield but less than one wiper arm, you are violating the rules.
  4. California Law says, driving without windshield wipers is against the law.
  5. Some states are permitted to place stickers on the top or where the sun shield is located.
  6. Remember, only the top of your car’s windshield and you should apply a maximum of 5 inches of the tint.
  7. Also, California’s 2022 tint rules say, the front windscreen and windows must have a 70% VLT.

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Can You Use Windshield Wipers After Windshield Replacement?

Most likely, the rear mirror’s large plastic dome where the wiper sensor is connected and shields it. Then the installer must have tinted over the location where your vehicle’s sensor notices the rain. Actually, the optical sensor can detect rain, snow, or ice.

Basically, the sensor is placed next to the rearview mirror and inside of the windshield. You will notice a 45-degree angle infrared lighting. Additionally, the software controls the speed of wipers based on how easily and quickly moisture generates.

However, Yes, you can use the wipers but make sure you open or close the doors securely. Alternatively, you can put off using the wipers for a while. We suggest keeping the driving time not more than two hours. Also, wait at least 1 day or 24 hours after replacing the windshield just before washing the car. For more information, you can search “car wash after window tint Reddit.”

How Do I Put A Windshield Wiper On?

Installing and putting the wipers in the car is not a difficult task. We have some easy steps below to use windscreen wipers after tint.

  1. First, decide which wiper component needs to be replaced or put in.
  2. Next, get the right wiper blade according to your car’s model. 
  3. Take the wiper assembly arm away from the windshield and stand it up.
  4. Now, it’s time to take out the new blade and it should be aligned with the metal arm at a 90-degree angle after releasing the old wiper.
  5. It’s time to turn the engine and put some wiper fluid over the windshield.
  6. You will have to remove the old rubber insert from the wiper arm to add the new one.

How Do You Remove Windshield Wipers?

how to remove windshield wipers

When you cannot get a clean windshield, wipers are a lifesaver, But what if you need to remove the wipers? Do you know the process of removing windscreen wipers? Below we have included some steps.

  1. Raising the wipers is the first step to follow.
  2. Make sure you take off the wiper blade from the arm and replace the wiper blade.
  3. Next, you can choose between spring-loaded wipers, clip-on wipers, or bolt-on wipers to detect the type of wipers you have.
  4. A flat-head screwdriver and some cardboards are mandatory.
  5. After that, ensure all the wipers are removed from the vehicle.
  6. Finally, the replacement or removal of the windscreen wiper job is done.

Is Replacing A Windshield Wiper Possible For A DIYer?

You only need your hands to swap the windshield wiper blades. Sometimes you might need to use some tools as your assistance. However, you can set them on your car by lifting the wiper arms into the air and you’ll notice they will keep themselves in position owing to spring tension. It will take only a few minutes to do the removal.

Apart from this, replacement wipers might cost around 10 to 30 dollars most probably without labor expanse and when it’s installed as part of proper maintenance. Therefore, the DIY method will save money if you have enough knowledge to complete the replacement of the wiper’s job.

How Dark Can You Tint Your Front Windshield For Wipers?

should i tint my front windshield

The front windscreen tint percentage should be around 75% of the light that can pass. On the other hand, 70% of light must enter through your vehicle’s front side windows. Basically, it’s globally known legal standards stated fact.

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Some Important Facts About Window Tint

Before using the wipers, you should know some crucial facts like what to follow and what to avoid while adding wipers in your car. Especially, what we do mistakenly is rolling down the window or doing anything before letting the tint dry out. However, further reading will share more facts about windshield wipers.

What Not To Do After Getting Windows Tinted?

what not to do after getting windows tinted

Following some facts will keep the vehicle protected and efficient. Additionally, we have to avoid a few things like

  • Don’t wash the car within 3 days or until the tint has completely dried.
  • You shouldn’t keep your tint from being on for too long.
  • Avoid using cleaners safe for tints.
  • Never keep the disfigurement out of the tint.
  • You don’t have to replace the old tint with a new one.
  • Don’t leave the vehicle in a sunny place.
  • You should not believe that the tints can protect the window from any damage.
  • Bubbles are a common thing after tinting the car, therefore, don’t panic.
  • Also, keep yourself away to roll down the windows after tinting.

However, all these not-to-do lists are actually mentioned so that you understand whether you should use wipers after tint or not. Basically, we permit you to use wipers and it’s necessary to be present in your car.

How Long After Tinting Windows Can I Roll Them Down?

You should wait at least three to four days for the window tint to dry and give priority to film on the windshield when using wipers. Also, in California, it is suggested to wait at least 24 hours after adding window film before and just before rolling down.  

What Happens If I Roll My Window Down After Tint?

In general, the adhesives or glue holding the tinted window film in place require some time to dry. During that period, friction from rolling down the window might scrape your tint film off the vehicle glass. Also, the remaining water in between the glass and the film will eventually let the film slide around the glass.


We have included some frequently asked questions for the user’s convenience. So, don’t forget to check.

1. How much do windshield wipers cost for a car?

To do the replacement, the average cost is around  $23 to $38. Labor usually takes $8 to $12 whereas the wiper parts will cost between $15 to $26.

2. When should I replace my car wiper?

You should replace the wiper blades every 6 to 12 months. But it actually depends on the way you drive and make sure you notice some hints such as blades failing or cracking, wipe streaks, noticing noise, the frame being damaged or maybe the adhesive is falling.

3. Can you use ac after tinting windows?

You must be worried about the temperature difference between the interior and exterior of your car. But yes, you can use ac after tinting the window of your vehicle. We advise using ac to avoid any damage or harm to the film until it is dried.

4. Will rain ruin my newly tinted windows?

No, the tint is placed inside the windows rather than outside, so rain is not a big problem. Simply, keep the windows open and the heater turned on to allow the moisture to leave. Also, remember that tinting windows on rainy days might generate problems with the film or adhesive.

Final Words

Actually, after tinting windows, you should carefully handle the vehicle at least for a few days. That’s why we have clarified whether can you use windshield wipers after tint. So, the fact is, there is no problem with using the wiper blades since tint films are often attached to the inside.

However, while you use wipers just after tinting windows, make sure you think about the state law as well as the positive and negative impacts. Plus, note that every vehicle owner should add windscreen wipers to keep the car safe from any hazardous situations like storming, raining, or snowing.

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