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How To Remove Window Tint From Back Window – Tint Removal Method

Why is my rear window tint discoloring, becoming unclear and cloudy, and forming moisture pockets beneath the film? Why am I noticing a lot of bubbles? Do I have to remove the window tint? If removal is required, then how to remove window tint from back window?

All you have to do is pull the window film in the corner with your fingernail or razor blade. Try to peel it off in one piece. Also, keep the tint moist with ammonia when you strip it, or use the steamer to easily detach the old rear tint.

Don’t forget to give extra attention not to harm the defrost lines while removing the window film. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time removing the tint, this article will help you to know what’s the easiest way to remove window tint effortlessly. 


Why Would You Want to Remove Window Tint?

When we find problems with the window tint, we usually remove it, especially the back one. However, we try to remove tints due to reasons such as:

  • Adhesive holding your vehicle’s window tint in place might have ruined it.
  • Old or broken adhesive caused by sun rays allows the air to get in between your car’s glass and tint, resulting in bubbles inside.
  • Mistakenly choosing an illegal tint should be removed since the state’s law is against the point.
  • Since more UV rays strike the vehicle, the silver and green tints change colors or cause discoloration, usually becoming purple.

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Can I Remove Car Window Tint Myself?

Yes, there are numerous methods for removing window tint from a car, especially if you do it yourself. The easiest method you can try is using heat to melt the glue or adhesive, or scraping the tint off with ammonia or what we call soapy water. In general, aftermarket tints can be removed while factory window tint is frequently placed by adding dye to the glass and you will require the entire glass replacement.

How to Remove Window Tint From Back Windows: 3 Things to Try 

how to remove back window tint

It has become a common query, “How to take window tint off a car window?” Actually, removing tint is easier when you have enough understanding of the vehicle and window tint. However, following the given steps will ensure the secure removal of window tinting. Just before that, you’ll need some tools.

But what tools do I need to remove window tint? Actually, it’s not only about tools but also about the environment and investing time in the job.

  • Three hours of time
  • A hot summer day
  • Black color trash bag
  • Ammonia
  • Razor blade
  • Steamer
  • Glass cleaner.

Ammonia and Sun Method

So the first idea is the ammonia technique, which requires a hot, sunny day. But a cloudy environment is not convenient for this job. However, the steps are given below:

  1. First of all, ensure the environment is friendly for the ammonia method.
  2. You have to cut two black garbage bags to closely resemble the window’s shape.
  3. Make sure the plastic sheet is smooth, and spray soapy water on the window’s outside just before covering it with a black trash bag.
  4. You have to cover any surfaces and don’t miss wearing a mask to ensure safety.
  5. Next, you require a mixture of 50/50 ammonia and water in the spray bottle, and keep in mind that the ammonia fumes can be hazardous.
  6. After that, use one of the cutting garbage bags to catch the ammonia against the window film.
  7. At this point, your waste bag will absorb heat from the sun to help the film peel off in one piece.
  8. Don’t forget to pull the film from the corner using your fingernail or razor blade, which is considerably more effective.
  9. Since you are stripping, use ammonia to ensure the tint is moist.
  10. Also, clean the window with glass cleaner and remove any remaining adhesive.

Using Hairdryer or Steamer

If you ask, what is the easiest way to remove window tint film? We discovered steaming as the easiest way to remove window tint. You won’t have to spend much pressure over here, but the result will be satisfactory! But which steamer should we use? If it’s the clothes steamer method, it will be too messy, so a hair dryer or heat gun can be much better. Let’s check out the steps.

  1. First, get the ideal steamer, prepare it, and preheat it accordingly.
  2. Ensure your car’s window is down by 1⁄4 inch or 0.64 cm.
  3. Start by steaming the window’s interior and exterior while keeping the steamer 1 or 2 inches (2.5 to 5.1 cm) away from the window.
  4. You should use a razor blade to loosen the edge.
  5. Continue applying steam and gently peeling off the tint.
  6. When you ask, “How to remove window tint glue from back window?” Remember, glue usually becomes weaker due to the steamer’s heat and moisture.
  7. Including commercial cleaners such as 409 with water spray bottles will make it more simple.
  8. The rear side can be properly removed by steaming it for about 7 minutes.
  9. We also suggest using a microfiber towel and glass cleaner to clean the glass.
  10. However, clean the door frame and other surfaces if you find any water poured inside.

Utilize Razor Blade

Well, it’s not about using these methods; rather, it’s about the way we remove the rear window tint. Previously a friend noticed bubbles in the back window of the vehicle and not going after installing the tint. So, let’s explore how we typically utilize the blade.

  1. Use a spray bottle filled with water and soap and get some little scarper blades.
  2. Take your razor blade to properly remove any air bubbles that get stuck in between the window and the tint.
  3. You must carefully cut around the edge without getting too close.
  4. If the tin’s corners haven’t started to curl even after steaming, lift them by holding the razor at a specific angle to the window so that you won’t leave any scratches.
  5. Make sure not to damage the defroster wire on the back since you scraped the glue with the one-sided razor.
  6. Remember, the window won’t scratch the glass when it is still wet with soapy water.

How to Remove Old Window Tint: Steps to Try

how to remove old window tint

We already discussed three major ways to remove any window tint from the car. So, it’s time to talk about all the steps, in particular.

Select the Edge of the Window Tint

How to remove window film from glass? Start at the corner to remove the tint. Get a razor blade, and select near the edge of the tint until you can release an edge large enough to hold with your hand or fingertips. But be careful not to scratch the vehicle’s glass. The best idea would be to scrape at a low angle while holding the blade closer to the window.

Heating the Area Where Tint Will Be Removed

Consider using a heat gun, hair dryer, or steamer. If you’ve never heard about this solution, just go and try it!

Now, give the heat in a circular motion while keeping the heat source about 2″ away from the glass of the car. You should apply the heat to the film that you want to remove and make sure you don’t heat it too long in a certain place.

Clean the Tinted Surface

You can use some glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol to remove any oil, dirt, or residues from the tinted surface. Basically, the alcohol helps to thin the tinted coating on your rear window. Before installing a new piece of tint, make sure all the chemicals are removed.

Moisten The Window Film

The maintenance of the tint’s moisture levels is your essential task. The rainy season is advantageous since it provides you with adequate water to complete the job. However, you can use a spray bottle to keep it wet to ensure the rear window tint is removed.

Take off the Window Film

Some users have asked, “How can I securely remove the window tint glue from the rear hatch and defrost lines?” Unfortunately, in that case, you should avoid using anything sharp to scrape to prevent any harm or damage to the defroster wires.

Scrape your Vehicle Window Tint

Typically, we use plastic razor blades or credit cards to scrape off any leftover window tint. Using an ammonia-based cleanser and razor can help to scrape the parts that are not even close to your grid wires. Remember, after soaking, you have to gently remove the adhesive with the scraper and copper brillo pad in a side-to-side manner.

Make A New tint and Give the Heat

So, it’s time to cut a fresh tint piece according to your back window size. As a result, cut the tint in a larger size than the location, and use razor blades and shears for assistance.

After that, press down on the new piece of tint while heating up the rear glass. The film needs to be smoothed out with a squeegee, don’t forget. Also, ensure to work from one edge to another to avoid wasting or overlapping.

How Long Does It Take To Remove A Window Tint?

A set of front door tints usually takes around 20 or 30 minutes to remove. But removing the entire car tint will take up to two hours. Typically, ordinary tint won’t need to be changed since it lasts about 5 years. However, the accidental problem necessitates changing of window tint in order to maintain glass safety and to keep the state’s law about window tinting unbreakable.

Why Is It So Hard To Remove Old Tint?

The process of removing window tint from the vehicle becomes complicated when any sticky adhesive is left in the car. Basically, ineffective techniques leave the sticky materials on the glass surface and make it inappropriate for the new film. Therefore, we use cleaning chemicals to freshen the window.

How Do You Remove Window Film Without Damaging The Rear Defroster?

We recently found a query: “Can the window tint on the back window of my Toyota Corolla be securely removed, or should I just leave it alone since the removal will eventually damage the defroster heater elements?” Actually, the primary issue when removing the back tint is basically the defrost lines that go across the glass, underneath the window tinting.

However, in that case, we have to take the window out by spraying the tint, ensuring to use glass cleaner, and then put it in a black trash bag under the sun to let the tint’s glue or adhesive release or peel off in one piece.

Some Additional Precautions and Tips to Follow

For example, you have a car where the window tint needs to be replaced or removed. But the defroster is the riskiest line. How you should deal with it? Some to-do or not-to-do lists have been given below.

  • A car like Honda Civic has electric rear defroster wires and which you should cover with tape or a clean towel to prevent from being melted by heat.
  • Never choose a high temperature on the steamer.
  • Don’t remove the defroster cables if you lack a wiper.
  • Mask the glass of your back door and upper window trim where the areas are not bubbled.
  • Rather than forcing the bubble to the edge, you can let the adhesive or glue peel off from between the tint and glass.
  • You should always wash the window tinting by hand.
  • Instead of using paper towels, an air blower can help to avoid lint or debris getting stuck under the edge of the tinting film.
  • Using a soft cloth or sponge with a non-abrasive cleaner such as water and vinegar mixed 50/50 is a good way to scrub the surface in a circular motion to keep everything clean.


Now, it’s time to share some frequently asked questions and solutions about how to remove window tint from your car windows. Don’t overlook this Q&A section!

1. How do you apply heat to remove window tint?

In a circular motion, we typically pass the heat gun against the window outside. After that, we use the razor blade to remove the tint from the corner or edge.

2. How can I safely remove tint from the rear window of a car without damaging the heating elements?

You should try to peel off the film in one piece by lifting it from the corner with your fingernail or razor blade. Additionally, make sure you keep it moist with ammonia to easily remove the tint.

3. How to remove factory automotive window tint?

Since the colors and pigments are blended inside the glass, factory tint cannot be removed easily. But if you use solvents or some other tools to peel off the adhesive layer, the aftermarket tint film will come out of the window.

Final Words

So, the back window tint removal trouble is over now! We have shared a step-by-step guideline about how to remove window tint from back window. As the simplest blessing for removing the tint, all you need is ammonia, a razor blade, or a steamer.

Invest your 3 hours and pick a sunny day to remove all the adhesives to peel off the tint. And don’t forget to choose the edge as the starting point to take off your vehicle tint. However, if you have any further queries, make sure you share them in the comment section to let us come up with a solution.

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