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Subaru Forester Factory Window Tint – A Standard Vehicle Tint

A few days ago, a customer of the Subaru Forester came with heat and glare issues. So, we have shared about Subaru Forester Factory Window Tint, which is a privacy glass applied to the inside of your automobile. This article is intended for those who are searching for a detailed overview of vehicle window tint, particularly for the Subaru Forester. 

Usually, it’s a 20% privacy glass with darkened glass but does not have the capacity to protect it from hazardous sun UV rays like the aftermarket one. However, factory tinting can obstruct the glare or visible lights.

Additionally, we have included some beneficial facts about Subaru window tint for those who were confused about this type of privacy glass. We have also included the ideal percentage of window tinting. However, if you are looking for tinting in the front window of your Subie, hopefully, this article will help you out!


What Cars Come With Factory Tint?

do cars come with factory tinted windows

Nowadays, automobile manufacturers prefer to install factory-tinted glass in the back windows to meet the state tinting laws. Also, the majority of tinting service shops use a number to indicate how much light the tint lets in. So, if they install 20%, then 80% will be for blocking the lights. For example, limo tint, which is the darkest tint available at 5%, blocks glare at 95%.

Actually, aftermarket tint installers are doing the wrong math in high school. It’s because if the repairer or replacer is not professional, they cannot define the darkness level of tint according to the law. So they make mistake! Where the car manufacturer took the opportunity to install factory tint to gently darken the glass without breaking the law.

However, automobiles like Subaru Forester, Toyota, and more have factory tint.

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Does Subaru Forester Have Tinted Windows?

does subaru forester have tinted windows

 If you want to know whether you have this type of tint on your Subaru, check the lettering of your car window’s bottom corner. If you notice the white little border, you have the tint.

Regardless of trim level, the front side windows are not tinted. Basically, it’s a shade to make the glass dark but not for protection from any serious trouble. Therefore remember that, due to the Ultraviolet stable lamination, your front windscreen always has 0% UV transmission.

Now, we would like to share the Forester Premium 2017 Ultraviolet entry levels According to Subaru of America. 

  • Front windscreen: 0% of UVA plus UVB rays
  • Front partitioning glass: 20% UVA plus 1% UVB
  • Front doorway glass: 20% UVA and 1% UVB protection
  • Moonroof: 0% UVA plus 1% UVB
  • Dark tinted rear glass: 10% UVA and 1% UVB
  • Back door glass: 5% UVA and 1% UVB protection
  • Back quarter glass: 10% UVA and 1% UVB protection

On the other hand, the visible light transmissions or (VLT) levels are:

  1. 80% of the front windscreen.
  2. 75% of the front partitioning window.
  3. 75% of the front doorway glass.
  4. 80% of the moonroof.
  5. 20% dark tint on the rear entrance glass.
  6. 25% darkish tint on the rear door partitioning glass.
  7. 25% Dark on the rear quarter window.
  8. 30% darkness of tint in the back glass.

Does Forester Premium Have Tinted Windows?

The latest Forester Premium has upgraded features where the dark tint privacy or factory glass is one of them. However, the tint is to keep you safe from the outside lights. So, if you expect protection from overheating or sun rays, make sure you add aftermarket tint over the factory tint.

What Is Factory Tint In Subaru Forester?

subaru forester window tint

You might have heard about the privacy-protecting tint, right? Factory tint in the Subie Forester is a protective dark shade glass with 20% safety. 

Generally, window film improves the look as well as helps to assist the passenger and driver from overheating, sun glare, and of course UV rays. Whereas the Subaru Forester factory tint has dark tint but does not offer any heat or energy such as aftermarket standard tint film.

Since we are talking about Subaru Forester 2019 to 2023 model, we suggest you should have the pre-cut window factory tint kit to have safety from outside visible lights. Nowadays, we have a computer cut system so you can get your ones according to the exact model.

Choice Of Tint Shades

In the automobile shop, you will see various types of tint shades. They vary according to the darkness level and performance.

  • Limo 5%
  • Dark 20%
  • Medium 35%
  • Light 50%
  • 70% Ultra Light.

Bear in mind that if the front windows are not yet tinted, 70% is acceptable and the darkest is 5% limo.

What Percent Is Most Factory Tint?

Typically, “Factory Tint” is a 20% window shade. Thus, factory tint installed in the vehicle is considered a percentage of 15 to 20. But the rear window of limousines or private cars includes 5% tints which are illegal. However, we can also say the glass’s normal visual transmission light or VLT ranges from 15% to 26%.

What Is 2020 Forester Sport Factory Glass Tint Percentage?

As we already mentioned, the Forester sport factory glass is a stylish shade with a 20% visible light coating that reduces glares. But in general, a 50% window tint is ideal to effectively block Ultraviolet radiation and heat. 

However, the front windows will look great even if the vehicle has 40% on top of the factory tint. If you prefer everything matched, we suggest you should ensure 20% in front and 35 to 40% in the rear. Additionally, we noticed 70% of the windscreen didn’t cause any vision trouble.

What Is Subaru Window Tinting Cost?

The cost of conventional non-reflective tint film for cars can range from $50 to $600. So, we suggest in the matter of  Subie tint, you should invest 250 dollars and not more than this.

6 Benefits Of Window Tinting For Subaru Forester

subaru forester window tinting

We already mentioned how window tinting benefits you. So, this time we would like to share what actually happens when you have factory tint along with aftermarket tint in your vehicle. Plus, we will share all the beneficial facts about Subaru Window tint.

The Subaru factory tint is essentially nonexistent for all intended purposes on the side or rear windows.

  1. You’ll get a comfortable feel with the solar films in your Subaru Forester.
  2. Any serious accidental contact might cause the broken glass pieces to fly but if you have the film, you’ll be safe.
  3. The window tints of Subaru are the best defense against heat and sun rays.
  4. Any glass breakage or carjacking can also be defended by the privacy tinted film.
  5. Having the window tint will ensure your protection from extreme heat levels.
  6. Your Subaru’s leather seats, fabrics, dashboard, rubber-type things, and almost the entire interiors will be secured by the UV film.


So, it’s to add some frequently asked questions for the Subaru Forester owners. The Q&A section is for those who are expecting to know more clarification about window tinting on their vehicle.

1. Is factory tint better than aftermarket?

Generally, the factory tint darkens the glass to block visible light or glare but cannot stop any harmful UV rays from the sun. Additionally, you’ll notice factory tints have a similar type of dark tint but actually do not perform like the aftermarket tints. It’s because of the way aftermarket tints block 99% of ultraviolet rays.

2. What does it mean when it says 70% with factory tint windows?

In general, 70% factory tint windows mean the car’s interior temperature and glare can be decreased by 70% of the tint. Additionally, it indicates that 30% of sunlight is blocked by the tinted window.

3. How much UV radiation does a car window tint absorb?

The total amount of UV rays that reach the windows can be decreased by over 99% with clear or tinted films. However, if it’s about factory tint, then the sunblock percentage will be 30% at best.

4. How dark is Toyota factory tint?

Basically, a factory is a pigment that is present inside your vehicle’s glass. So, if you are asking about the darkness of the Toyota factory tint, it’s probably around 32% or more.

5. Can you tint over factory tint to make darker?

The factory tint is a dark shade that won’t protect you from any obstacles. So, yes, you can put an aftermarket window tint over the fixed factory tint in your vehicle. But keep in mind that tinting over tinting is not a good decision.

Bottom Line

We hope there is nothing left to share about the Subaru Forester factory window tint. This article has included how factory tint is attached to your Subaru with the ideal percentage. If you have the Forester car, you have understood the tint is actually for removing the glares and making the glass look darker. 

Therefore, you can attach an aftermarket one to secure yourself from UV radiation and heat. Just before doing so, make sure you check the state’s law about car tinting since not all states permit to have window tint.

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