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Can You Use AC After Tinting Windows – Things to Know

Window tinting is the action of placing a thin laminate film on the vehicle class in order to darken the glass and keep the inside of the car to be cooler. But what if we turn the AC on? Can you use AC after tinting windows?

Yes, you can switch on the air conditioner after installing the window tint. Your window tint will not be impacted by how cool the interior cabin gets for the AC. Basically, turning the ac on is recommended to avoid any possible risk to your film before drying.

However, reading this article will offer what you should do and what not after the tinting windows of your vehicle. Note that, this article is like one stone but catching two birds at hand!


Does Tint Affect Car Temperature?

window tint temperature difference

Yes, it does! The tint affects the car’s temperature and offers a lot of benefits. However, you should know some facts about the window tint first, then you will understand whether ac is that much influential or not.

  • Metallic-coated window tints assist to minimize the heat by reflecting it away from the vehicle.
  • Black window tint does not reflect much heat since it absorbs heat and resends it into your car.
  • Tinted window film on the inside of the glass provides safety, particularly whenever any hijacker tries to smash the glass to get anything from the car.
  • Window tint not only prevents others from seeing inside the car but also reduces heat inside by keeping the environment cool.
  • The way it blocks the sun’s rays reduces thermal rays and lowers the temperature of the vehicle is satisfying!

Does Cold Affect Car Tint?

No, the cold temperature has no effect on window tinting in the wintertime. Basically, window tinting is applied to windows just by following a wet application process. As a result, moisture will accumulate between your window screen and the new sheet of film.

However, due to the temperature and humidity, the tints might take a long time, around three weeks to cure or dry during winter. Additionally, if the solution gets frozen, the film will freeze and slide away from the glass. So, much better if you tint your car’s window during the spring or fall season. 

But how to know if the window tint is dry? You should keep your eyes on the bubbles and haziness of the newly installed window to fade away. Also, the car’s windows appear to be factory installed to ensure your tint has dried up.

Does Tinting Car Windows Keep the Interior Cooler?

Yes, a ceramic tint will keep the inside of your vehicle cooler for a longer period of time. First of all, the tinting will ensure it blocks the UV rays and absorbs hazardous sunlight and infrared lights which are the main culprit of an overheated car’s interior.

Window films usually lower the need for AC by offering a considerable heat rejection glass level of up to 65%. For example, in the Honda car, we have noticed 70% to 80% ceramic coating fitted on the windshield and reject up to 43% heat while blocking UV more than 95%.

How Much Cooler is a Car with Tinted Windows?

Actually, the temperature and cooling conditions may vary from area to area. In Texas, we discovered that you can have 70 percent on the windshield, 15 percent on the front, and 5 percent on the backside.

Also, in city parts of the USA such as Phoenix, Arizona, we found the average summertime temperature is around 100 degrees and more. Therefore, it’s a great impact but the tinting along with ac will save your car from overheating.

Can You Use AC After Tinting Windows: Vehicle Window Tint Facts

what not to do after getting windows tinted

We already said that using AC after tinting is completely fine. But just for your vehicle’s welfare, we would like to let you know about some facts that you should do and What Not to do After Getting Windows Tinted. 

Just before that, we shall let you know what’s normal after the service and what might affect it. Let’s share some points that usually happen after tinting windows.

  1. You can gently clean the tinted windows in the house and there will be no problem.
  2. The drying time actually depends on the season and environment.
  3. You might notice tiny bubbles under the coating and haze on your vehicle glass.
  4. Since you have installed the new shield, you should be careful when moving sharp items, containers, or any other equipment.
  5. And give time to let the tinted windows dry or cure.

Additionally, the advantageous facts will be visible after the installation of window tint. Whether you use the air conditioning or not, the inside will not get damaged. Rather, ac will speed up window tint drying. However, let us share the advantages points below:

  • You will have a more comfortable environment with ac.
  • Efficiency in energy.
  • Protection from the sun.
  • UV rays get blocked.
  • Additional safety.
  • Better privacy.
  • Low maintenance is required.
  • Less glare while you ride.

When Can I Use Windows After Tinting?

what to do after tinting car windows

It is not suggested to roll down the windows immediately after your tint service. But how long after tinting windows can I roll them down? Since there is moisture present, it might scratch the film from the glass of your vehicle before it has had time to dry out.

However, once the film has dried, you should be able to use your windows within 2 to 4 days in summer and 3 to 4 weeks during winter. So, people who got the question, “can I roll my windows down 3 days after tint?” The answer is yes, you can! It would be a wise decision to avoid using tint throughout the winter and instead choose the summer, spring or fall.

Also, you can follow the given instructions to keep your vehicle and window tinting safe:

  1. Just before you start the window tinting job, wash the car first.
  2. Make sure you use your hand to wash the car and keep yourself away from windows.
  3. Additionally, keep moisture from getting into the windows.


So it’s time to include some frequently asked questions that we users typically ask whenever we do the tinting job. Let’s see how we should act when we are confused about a car’s window tint.

1. Can you use heat after tinting windows?

Yes, you can use heat as well as the ac on your car. We commonly get perplexed about the inside and outside temperatures that potentially damage the film. But you should wait until the tinting is dried out. 

2. Do cars use AC for both heating and cooling?

We use ac for cooling the car but vehicles in Northern Europe have heating fans that generate heat from the engine to warm the air. Also, internal combustion engines produce hundreds of watts of heats all the time.

3. Do dark-tinted windows make the inside of a car more or less hot?

The dark tint reduces the heat and keeps the inside of your car cool. Since it blocks the sun’s rays, the warm temperatures inside are reduced. Tinted windows have the ability to block up to 85% of sunlight. However, you can choose ceramic tint to keep the inside cool for a long time.

4. How Long Should You Wait to Put Your Windows Down After Tinting?

You have to wait 2 to 4 days after installing the window tint to be dried out. After that, you can roll the windows down.

5. How long after tinting windows can I wash them?

At least wait for 72 hours to clean the window after the installation of the tint. Much better when you decide to let it dry first otherwise the tint installation will be ruined.


Window tinting has become a necessary part of having safety, a cooled interior, less light, privacy, protection from the sun, and especially to have a comfortable riding experience. Since the tint offers less heating inside, users frequently asked about the acceptance of using ac after tinting. So, can you use AC after tinting windows? Yes, you can but make sure you let it dry first!

We have uncovered some facts that you should follow whenever putting window tinting in your vehicle. However, don’t forget to wait for at least 3 days and do proper maintenance to keep the vehicle and yourself safe.

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