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Do You Tip Window Tinters – Advice For Car Owners

Window tinting is the job of covering the car’s glass with a thin laminated film to make it darker.  But what if you need to repair or replace your car’s tint with an expert? How much do we have to pay? Or do you tip window tinters to make them encouraged for their job? In this article, you’ll discover everything about the tinting job and whether you should tip or not.

Generally, the tinter gets a decent amount for the tinting job so it’s not mandatory to tip the window tinter. But the earnings are not that much if we compare it with other vehicle jobs. Therefore, if you are satisfied with their service, you can give the tint technician an extra tip of 5 to 100 dollars.

Our personal preference is to give some tips to the car tint guy according to their performance. However, if you go through the next section, you’ll understand why, when, and how much we should tip the car window tinter.


How Much Does Window Tinting Cost All Around?

should you tip window tinters

Basically, the window tinting job cost can be fixed based on some facts. The technician or tinting guy will let you know the average cost. So, make sure you prioritize things like:

  • Material of tint
  • Vehicle type
  • Tint removal cost
  • Uniqueness of vehicle
  • Tint brand
  • Experience of the installer.

Well, ultimately it’s about the cost you and the technician fix for the tinting job. Then according to the service and pricing, the customer will likely share some extra tips. 

However, we discovered the standard tinting job for the entire vehicle will cost around $100 to $400. On the other hand, the high-performance metallic or ceramic film will cost $800.

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Do You Tip Window Tinters Estimated Cost

Actually, knowing the estimated cost for window tinting is necessary so we have included a chart below to clarify the more accurate cost for a tint job.

Window TintingEstimated Cost
All sides plus back windows$189 to $549 
Front windows$99 to $250 
Single windows$59 to $129
Back window$79 to $259
Windshield$119 to $299
Sunroof$59 to $159

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How Much Do Window Tinters Earn?

is it customary to tip window tinters

The salary range can vary based on the degree, experience, qualification, additional skills, and the time you take for the tinting job. In general, the mechanics for the vehicle earn around $41,521-$53,650. But if it’s about window tinter, the cost is much lesser. Therefore, you should know the tinting job facts that are given below:

  • The tinting job starting salary for the entry-level in the USA is $33,150.
  • Based on January 2023 estimation, the annual salary average for window tinting in the US is $37,703.
  • In the US, the hourly income for the tinters is $24.
  • A tinting guy in California can make $55,120 yearly.
  • The estimated salary in Florida is $46,879.
  • Australia offers $50,000 to $65,000 per year for the tinters.

Do You Have To Tip Window Tinters?

In the US, tipping is considered second nature. Nowadays, even in restaurants like Burger King, McDonald, or others, waiters expect tips for serving food. Similarly, you should definitely tip the guy who tinted your car windows. But if they are already getting a decent amount for the job, then skip the tip.

Typically, Giving tips to the window tinter is totally up to you. So, we won’t say avoid giving the tip since they get their cost for repairing or replacing the tint. Also, we won’t say you should give the tip every time.

Let’s take an example! You have a Honda civic to be fixed where the tinting is required. So, if it’s a local roadside worker, you can tip them to make them happy. However, when it’s about a professional performing the job, they will get paid hourly, weekly, or maybe monthly by the company, So, you don’t need to give tips to them! Therefore, tips can be shared with them for around 5 to 20 dollars and more.

Previously a user reported that he fixed the price with a nearby shop at $145 for the entire car window tint with the windshield strip for free. the tinter clarified there should be 20% in the rear and 35% in the front. So, since you negotiated and fixed a rate, there is no need to give any tip or any option to cut out any amount. In light of this, we hope you understand whether you should tips or not.

How Much To Tip Window Tinters?

how much is window tinting

Someone shared, he needs to repair the scratched tint which is under the warranty. The tint company came to the house and redo the problem without taking any charge. But the owner feels like giving some tips. Now, how much he should offer or what to give as a tip?

Well, if you decide to give some tips, it is said to share 10 to 20% of the total cost of service that US people follow. Additionally, in New York City, everything is tipped. 

According to us, putting a smile on someone’s face is happiness, so tips are always appreciable whether it’s money or food or anything else. For example, recently a car owner offered beer and donuts after the job and the tinter become happy. But if you prefer money, $20 is a perfect tip.

When Should I Tip Window Tinter?

Whenever you notice the window tinter is giving extra effort and good service, make sure you make them happy with the tip. Along with that, there are some times you should give them tips. Making them happy might ensure the next appointment is on time whenever you call. However, the time you must give them tips are – 

  • First of all, professionals always deserve to get tips.
  • When the workmanship of the tint is of high quality with the correct application, they should get extra bucks.
  • You should give them some extra penny whenever you hire them on any occasion or holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving.
  • If you can hire them with less money.
  • When they work according to your command with extra time, you should offer some tips.

What You Can Give Instead Of Money?

It’s not necessary to make them happy with the money. You can also offer them some other things such as – 

  1. Giving a positive review about the repair shop.
  2. Offering them food or beers. 
  3. Give some gifts for the satisfying service.
  4. Tickets for any game.
  5. Or telling the company about the technician’s good performance is also a worthy tip.


Below we have some frequently asked questions related to tips for car window tinters. Hope this Q&A section will give more clarification regarding the fact window tinters tip. If not, then you can check out by giving a search by “do you tip window tinters Reddit” to get more information.

1. How much do window tinters make per car?

Generally, it costs about $15 to $25 for the materials to tint. So, if the entire car tinting cost is $200, you have made a $175 profit. Sometimes, a technician makes 30 to 35 bucks for a 4-door vehicle.

2. Should you tip a window washer?

Though it’s less common to share tips for the vehicle window cleaners until they have done any extra job. However, giving the tip is totally up to you. If you want to give them tips, then $5 to $20 will be enough. 

3. How much do window Tinters make UK?

In the UK or United Kingdom, the yearly average salary for the window tinter is around £27,957. It is approximately 19% above more than the national average.


So, what do you think? If anyone asks, “Do you tip window tinters? According to us, yes they should give extra tips if their tinting job is satisfactory. Since restaurant waiters or cleaners get some extra penny, then why not the tinter guy? 

Actually, tinters do not get a handsome amount like the other vehicle part workers and the company will only offer them a salary. However, the extra tip of about $5 to $20 is what will definitely make a tinter happy. If not with the money, then offer them some food or soft drinks to cheer them up. But if they charge a good amount for the tinting project, it’s not important to give any tips.  

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