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Will Rubbing Alcohol Remove Window Tint Glue – Safe or Not?

Most probably we remove the window tint when we notice any damage or any scratches that look bad. But we overlook cleaning the leftover adhesive or glue in the glass. And how to remove any glue residue from the glass?

Expert people advised using inexpensive alcohol while rubbing it in the glass will remove the tinted glue. But will rubbing alcohol remove window tint glue? Yes, it will! Simply apply it, wait a few minutes, use soapy water to soften, then remove the tint glues by using the razor blade and delicate microfiber cloth.

However, if you are tired of the obsessive sticky adhesive that won’t go away, going through the article will help you to achieve your tint glue-removing steps with alcohol. Plus we will offer some other ways to do the same job.


Does Rubbing Alcohol Remove Tint?

Rubbing alcohol is a simple chemical hack and the ideal solvent for removing tint glues. Spraying ammonia 70% or 91% isopropyl alcohol onto the window film will dissolve any strong sticky glue. However, you should avoid using alcohol directly; rather, use it accordingly.

What Does Rubbing Alcohol Do To Car Windows?

When we apply alcohol to a fresh microfiber cloth and wipe it off, the fogginess will be removed, and visibility will be improved through the windscreen. Additionally, you can shine and increase brightness by applying glass cleaner by polishing and most importantly the scratches will go away.

Is Rubbing Alcohol Safe On Tinted Windows?

Previously, a Nissan Altima owner had tinted the window. But after a few days, he found some residual glues there. At that point, some repairers advised not to use alcohol-based products in the tinted windows since it might cause the tint to soften and become purple or discolored.

Some auto shops prefer to use a gentle mixture of baby shampoo and water. Where some users have used glass cleaner and credit cards to remove any adhesive.

But since the question is about the safety of using alcohol in your car, is Isopropyl alcohol with water safe for tint? Well, yes, cleaning the tint with ammonia-free solvents or rubbing alcohol is completely safe to remove glues. It’s a cost-effective solution that requires only 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, baby soap, and distilled water in a spray bottle.

How To Remove Window Tint Glue With Alcohol? 3 Methods To Utilize

how to remove sticky residue from car window tint

Do you know what is the easiest way to remove tint glue? We have found three major ways to clean the glass from sticky residues and they are:

  1. Steam Formula
  2. Chemical Formula
  3. Mechanical Formula.

Things That You Need For Tint Glue Removing

Different methods, and different items to remove adhesives. Therefore, just before we engage in the process, we should know what we require. Below we have mentioned what we need to remove car window glues.

Steam Formula

  • Cloth or a portable steamer with a power wire or hose hookup
  • Distilled water
  • Plastic made tarp
  • Used towel
  • Utility knife
  • Scraper made of plastic or razor blade
  • Trash bag.

Chemical Method

  • Ammonia
  • PPE or Personal Protective Equipment
  • Paper towels or old newspapers
  • Razor or plastic scraper
  • Bottle for spraying
  • Utility knife.

Mechanical Method

  • Water and soap
  • Plastic or razor scraper
  • Pocket knife.

Glue Removing Tools

  • Heating gun
  • Sponge or rug
  • Bucket
  • Warm water with detergent.

Will Rubbing Alcohol Remove Window Tint Glue – 8 Simple Steps

how to remove window tint glue from car windows

Definitely, it will clean away any sticky adhesives from the car’s glass. A mixture of 10% rubbing alcohol and 80% to 85% water is completely fine. However, we have some easy steps to complete the work. Let’s have a look at the tint glue residue cleaning steps.

Things To Get

  1. The bottle is intended to store a 99% isopropyl alcohol with water mixture.
  2. Using reusable gloves can protect you from any harmful chemicals like ammonia.
  3. Rubbing alcohol can cause eye issues or full-blown corneal difficulties; therefore protective goggles are required.
  4. A safety mask will protect you from any hazardous elements.
  5. Although rubbing alcohol is considered non-corrosive, we suggest you use old towels to cover the areas.
  6. Using old newspapers or paper towels to avoid scratches is also a great idea.
  7. The pocket utility knife is used to carefully put off the corner of the film.

Step-By-Step Process To Clean Sticky Glue

Following the given steps will ensure a spotless window tint without any scratches. All the stress related to window tint adhesive will be cleared just by trying these given directions.

1. Clean The Area

Car’s window tint glue is an irritating part to clean when it seems excessively sticky. Therefore, the task can become much easier if you clean the surface by removing the residual dirt caught with glue. Simply, wipe the place with a sponge or rag soaked in detergent and warm water. It will soften and loosen the adhesive.

2. Check Isopropyl Alcohol Percentage

The next valuable step will be checking the percentage of rubbing alcohol since an excessive amount might cause the automobile to get damaged. As a result, it should be around 70% isopropyl.

3. Dilute The Alcohol

Some experts advised not to use alcohol directly in the car. Therefore, you have to dilute alcohol with water and keep it in a bottle to spray.

Keep in mind that if it’s 70% alcohol, your solution should only include 15% rubbing alcohol with the rest taken by water. However, more than 70% merely contain 10% rubbing alcohol.

4. Open And Conceal

Now, you have to open the doors to increase airflow and cover all the sensitive or vulgar type areas with a tarp or towel. It’s necessary for a safe working experience.

5. Spraying Time

It’s time to take the spray bottle, and gently spritz the inside of the window with the 99% alcohol mixture. Make sure there is a decent covering and less dripping. A windy day is a bad day for your vehicle. However, if it’s not a bad day, you can use mist spray.

This time, split the newspaper as well as the paper towel into sheets. The paper will keep the alcohol in place and remove it from dying.

6. Do Not Rinse

You have to keep everything moist by spritzing the pages. It will ensure 4 layers of accumulation of paper on the inner surface of the glass.

7. Maintain Vigilance

This step’s job is to leave the alcoholic newspaper mix to rest for at least half an hour or 30 minutes. Continue spritzing every 3 to 4 minutes to keep it safe from drying out.

8. Peeling Time

Spend your 30 minutes and then pull the newspaper away from the glass. Use your utility knife to release the film from the edge. But do not make it dry or the tinted glue removal process will be hampered.

13 Some Additional Tips For Removing Tint Glue Toxic

removing glue from window tint

Not necessary that, you should follow the rubbing alcohol process only. The mechanical plus the steam formula is also very much effective. However, we have some tips that you can follow just before cleaning adhesives.

  1. You can pour the residual water over the complete window to rinse it with fresh water.
  2. Until your car has paint protection film installed, make sure you are conscious about the paint.
  3. While using any sharp objects like a razor blade, make sure you won’t scratch the car.
  4. It would be better if you use a plastic blade than a razor blade.
  5. Instead of ammonia, use 70% to 90% isopropyl alcohol.
  6. Ammonia or NH3 is a strong chemical, which is not a safe item so PPE or personal protective equipment is a must!
  7. Vinyl or latex gloves will secure the chemical absorption.
  8. Overspray can be avoided by using safety goggles or glasses.
  9. A razor blade flat with wd-40 is another good idea to clean the glues.
  10. Acetone also disappears the adhesives from the tint.
  11. Some of the users have found positive results after using nail polish remover.
  12. Rubbing with soapy water, steel wool can also scrape away the adhesives.
  13. Among all, the best idea would be the steamer method with cloth steam and the mechanical method with soapy water to clean all the glues.


We have included some frequently asked queries for car owners confused about the tint cleaning job. Hopefully, this Q&A section will clarify more about rubbing alcohol in window tint.

1. Will rubbing alcohol damage car paint?

No, the ideal ratio of alcohol mixed with water won’t ruin the car paint. The adequate diluted amount should be 10 to 15% rubbing alcohol with 85 to 90% water.

2. Is isopropyl same as rubbing alcohol?

Basically, isopropyl alcohol is a colorless liquid with a musty strong smell. On the other hand, rubbing alcohol is an isopropyl or ethyl alcohol mixture with a small amount of water. So, they are not the same.

3. Will acetone remove window tint glue?

Yes, not only acetone but also isopropyl alcohol, or the window tint adhesive remover can be good enough to dissolve the adhesive and then you can easily wipe it up.

4. Will Windex remove window tint adhesive?

The original Windex has ammonia so it might damage the tinted window. Actually, it’s very much harsh and corrosive for the car’s tint and ultimately peels off. However, one sprays Windex on a wet sponge and wipes it with a cloth. 

5. Will rubbing alcohol remove Gorilla Glue?

Yes, rubbing alcohol will remove the Gorilla Glue. Any Gorilla Glue spot can be removed from metal by taking the help of a soaked cotton ball in rubbing alcohol.

Final Section

So, will rubbing alcohol remove window tint glue? Yes, it does! But you have to mix the ideal amount of isopropyl alcohol and water to rub it to remove glues in the tint. It’s completely safe and you’ll need only a few things like safety elements, towels, old newspapers, and the utility knife or razor blade. 

However, we have some tips in the last section which will make the window tint adhesive removal job much easier. Especially, following the steam or mechanical method to clean the glue are what a professional suggests. 

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