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Scratches On Window Tint – How To Repair

Little Scratches On Window Tint are common in tinted windows but when it’s badly scratched like more than 5 or 6 long scratches, it should be immediately fixed or repaired. But do we know where the scratches come from? Or is it possible to remove scratched or damaged window tint?

Yes, it’s possible to remove scratches from a car, but you have to go through some steps, such as using a razor blade to separate the scratched part, making the affected area wet, removing it, cleaning the glue, and adding the new tint. However, if it’s about minor scrapes, we have some easy tips waiting below!

Car scratches entirely ruin the look and disturb seeing things clearly. That’s why we have included a complete guideline to fix the scratch. We can ensure that you’ll have a spotless car after following our tips!


What Causes Tint To Scratch?

window tint scratched

Typically, any objects or outside force that brushes against the tint film will scratch the window tint. When you move the windows up or down, dirt gathered under the weather stripping and damages the window tint. Or maybe the sharp and hard edges make the tint scratched.

There is also a possibility of noticing dog-scratched window tint. Additionally, hitting your seatbelts against the glass can leave marks.

On the other hand, if you don’t regularly clean the glass, you’ll notice spots in your vehicle tint. Then, dirt, dirty windscreen wipers, or other unintentional environmental reasons can cause the automobile to be scratched.

How To Tell If Tint Is Scratched? Facts to Know

how to tell if tint is scratched

When your vehicle is aged and the lack of maintenance will sometimes leave scratches inside or outside. Scratches can be any type. But usually, you can identify it by understanding some facts like:

  • Fact 1. Dirt that blows around during the windy days might scrape the window tint and cause wear and tear.
  • Fact 2. Some minor scratches can be made in humid or light conditions.
  • Fact 3. You might notice hairline scratches or long spots.
  • Fact 4. The scratches might already be there but you’ll notice when the window is tinted.
  • Fact 5. After the window has been tinted plus rolled down, you will identify the door scratches.
  • Fact 6. When the window tinter uses dirty squeegee, it might leave scratches on the new window tint or maybe damage the tint.

However, if you lightly rub the area with your fingernail back and forth over the spot, you will see the tint. Additionally, you can check to see if it’s on the interior or exterior of the window by doing the same formula from the outside.  But you should not blame the tinter since the scratches might already be there but we noticed them after the installation of the film.

Can You Remove Scratches From Tinted Glass?

“Can you polish scratches out of glasses or not?” is a common query from car owners. So, whether it’s a minor or a deep scratch, of course, you can remove any scratches from the window tint

All you have to do is follow the instructions for replacing the tint or cleaning any light spots with some elements. Solutions are waiting below so don’t move anywhere! 

However, you can simply take off the window and carefully identify the edge since the edge is the best way to fix the damage or scratches. Sometimes, dealers apply a factory-installed tint as Land Rover does. Therefore, you should understand what you have to do.

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How To Remove Scratches On Window Tint – Solutions To Follow

how to remove scratches from window tint

Simple light scratches can lead to deep scratches over time. You recently tinted the windows of your 2011 M3, but suddenly you noticed vertical streaks running from the bottom to the top of the passenger door window, which is about 3″.  

Actually, the vehicle has a long line of scratches that looks like the requirement for exploratory surgery. So what if we fix it immediately just by replacing a new tint? We have some easy steps to repair scratches on tinted window. Let’s check it out!

Warm The Vehicle Window

First of all, you should take the vehicle to warm it. It helps to soften the material and make it easy to handle the damaged window tint glue while putting it off. Here, the sun is a good friend! But during winter or in cold weather, finding sunlight is difficult so we should use a hair dryer to heat the scratched tint area to take it off.

Cut The Scratched Part With Razor Blade

Now, start by placing the protected razor blade at the glass’s edge and use the blade to cut the scratched part. You should cut deeply through the film layers all the way toward the vehicle glass. And don’t apply too much pressure or it will damage the unscratched tint. 

If you want to make the removal or replacement easier, you must cut away a rectangular part. But if you find the spots are long enough, remove the entire tint.

Dampen the Damaged Part

After that, gently spray water on the spot area and wipe any excessive dirt or materials with a towel. While doing the job, make sure the damaged tint is moistened but not excessively which might let the water flow down the window.

Remove The Damaged Part

So here comes the main job! this time your razor will work like a pry tool. Just place it beneath a corner of the damaged area. Work the film carefully until a tab appears when it has become loose enough. Avoid pulling the tab forcefully to keep the tint around safe or there is also a chance of leftover glue or adhesive on the glass.

Remove Adhesive and Glue

Use the razor and water sprays to remove any remaining glue from the glass by rolling it into workable balls. Then, wipe it with a towel and clean it gently to keep the place spotless.

Cut A Matching Tint

You have to cut a piece of tinted film that matches the cut-out area with a little bit large in size. Use the water spray and remove the tin film’s transparent plastic back and attach the glue side to the section. 

Remove Bubbles Before New Tint Installation

The next step should be removing the air bubbles that are stuck inside. For this job, you have to use a ruler or squeegee on the exposed area.

Replace Old Tint With New One

Finally, it’s time to trim the tint precisely along the seam of your old tint. It should be matched with the old one and the shape should be the same. Now, re-wet the glass before applying the new film, and then spread the clean over the wet glass. Keeping it overnight will fix everything the next day.

How to Fix Light Scratches On Window After tint – 9 Easy Tips

how to remove light scratches from window tint

So, you have learned how we should deal with window tint scratches. But if it’s about light or minor spots, you have to follow some ideas that are given below. Basically, dirt in the felt or rubber window seal at your bottom causes minor scrapes.

  1. If you find any vertical light scratches, you can use a glass scratch filler kit or tinted window scratch repair kit.
  2. Use toothpaste, pumice soap, or a clean damp cloth to remove any small scratches in the car’s window tint.
  3. You might have noticed a single hairline scratch in the center of the tinting, particularly on your e90. However, you can use plastic wax for the headlights to smooth out minor scratches.
  4. How about trying a paste-based glass or metal polishing products? It can remove the spots as well.
  5. Spraying ammonia, and using steel wool to scrub the area until the spots go away is not a backdated idea to fix the scratches.
  6. Use a fresh pad for buffing to avoid any possibility of dirt or rust buildup from the old used wool.
  7. Black nail polish can also conceal the scratches in your window tint.
  8. You can remove the doors and apply moleskin along the edge of the door that left the scratches.
  9. Another magical solution is to combine baking soda and water in equal amounts to make a paste for removing any scratches in the tints.

Golden Tip: We suggest having ceramic tint and 3M is the best option you should pick for your car window’s safety.

Some Extra Tips To Keep Window Tint Secure

When the glass is scratched we only focus on how to remove the spots. But unfortunately, we forget about some common mistakes we make while cleaning or replacing the tint. Therefore, we have some additional tips included below.

  • Maintain the glasses and use glass cleaner to keep them secure.
  • If the scratch is caused by any accidental situation or due to vandalism, make sure to contact the car insurance provider to fix it since you might have a collision or comprehensive coverage.
  • Bear in mind, scratch-resistant and scratch-proof are not the same; therefore, you have to keep the car away from any sharp objects.
  • When opening the car door, you should be cautious about the seatbelt as we never know when the metal piece will damage or scratch the tint.
  • You should always wait a few days or a week to wash your car after tinting.
  • Washing will only require a quick wipe with a paper towel or microfiber cloth.


We have included some frequently asked questions below. Hope these questions will give more ideas about window tint scratch.

1. Is there a way to hide scratches in glass?

Yes, you can use a filler kit, baking soda with water paste, toothpaste with soap combinations, or nail polish to hide scratches from the glass. It’s about rubbing the affected areas to wipe away any spots.

2. How do I remove deep scratches from car at home?

Any deep scratches can be removed by following the given steps:
1. You have to sand the parts before polishing to remove any sharp edges and apply the compound properly.
2. Don’t forget to use a scratch remover.
3. Scratches can be polished out with a cloth or towel.
4. Also, you have to scrape off any extra polish.

3. Can you polish scratches out of tinted windows?

Yes, you can polish any spots from the vehicle tints. You can polish scratches by taking the help of black nail polish, ammonia and metal wool, baking soda and water mixture, or toothpaste and soap. If you failed, replace a new tint.

4. Can you use rubbing alcohol on car tint?

The best solution for removing window tint glue or adhesive is rubbing alcohol. However, you can put baby soap (a few drops), 2 tablespoons of alcohol, or 91 percent isopropyl rubbing in a spray bottle before filling it with purified water.

Final Words

Having scratches is okay but if you notice the scratches are getting larger day by day, make sure you repair the tint or replace it immediately. Things like improper maintenance, first coming from outside, and getting damaged by any sharp or heavy objects are the main problem that causes the scratches on window tint.

Therefore, replace the old tint by removing the damaged parts. Or if it’s a minor spot, clean it with the proper solvent or by following the ideas we have mentioned above. Also, we would like to add that, you shouldn’t overlook the tips we have included especially the car glass washing plus the “scratch resistance and the proof are not the same” fact.

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