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Can You Be Pulled Over For Window Tint –  Window Tinting Law

Tinting the car window is a popular idea but unfortunately, it’s not legal in so many states. For having such restrictions, some users have asked “Can you be pulled over for window tint? Actually, wherever the car has a dark window tint, you’ll be stopped while crossing to the new state for having different laws.

According to state law, every back window of the driver can have tinted glass. Also, some other states said, non-transparent elements or tinting is restricted. You’ll therefore get pulled over and the police will give you a civil penalty. Remember, 5% is acceptable but if it’s 20% windscreen tint, they will definitely stop you.

Confronting the police or cob for breaking the automobile using the law with illegal tint is a big trouble. This article will clarify what states say as well as the ticket prices that have a great impact on this matter. So, follow the law and enjoy a safe ride!


Why Is There A Window Tinting Law?

why is dark window tint illegal

Window tinting is used to keep the glass safe and the interior temperature cool. Tinted windows reduce the visible light amount that enters the car. It also helps to save you from any accidents while you drive. 

But unfortunately, tinting has been prohibited in so many states. The laws are made also for the protection of drivers and passengers. However, below we have included some important causes that constituted illegal dark tinting.

  1. Dark window tint makes the outside road or inside view less watchable.
  2. Tinted windows are prohibited for the safety of outside bicyclists, pedestrians, or other vehicles.
  3. Police can legally force any drivers to roll down all the windows to ensure safety since checking the inside of dark tint is quite difficult.
  4. In exceptional low lighting, dark tin might decrease the driver’s visibility.
  5. Putting a layer over vehicle glass can keep it from separating, allows it to seriously take the shape of a sheet of glass, and eventually hurt the passenger or driver.
  6. Tinting levels that are permitted in Arizona, can be restricted in another state like Minnesota.
  7. Window tint is illegal since it can make the kidnapper’s job easier and no one will notice the victim begging or shouting for help.
  8. Because of having black tint, terrorism, and crime take place such as someone might aim a gun to kill but the police will never notice.
  9. Drug dealing business might rise inside the tinted car as no one can see from outside.
  10. Even prostitution can take place in a moving car with black window tint.

How Dark Can I Have My Windows?

You might be unaware of window tint violation but you should know how dark you should keep the glass of the car. Basically, window tinting has 3 major objectives. Whether it’s for darkening the windows, for shading, or maybe for keeping the glass entering the car during any accident.

However, most states allow 35% to 37% for the front and rear windows with the tinter’s registration sticker required in the lower corner. Also, you can add a tint strip to the windshield which should be around 6″ and up to the AS-1 mark. But it is to be said that, the front side window can have a VLT of 70% which means letting the 70% light sources in while blocking 30%.

How To Check The Percent Darkness Of Window Tint – 5 Facts To Know

Knowing the factory tint percentage is necessary as the states have some laws about car tinting. Actually, the percentage of light that can flow through the window determines the darkness level of the tint. This is what we call Visible Light Transmission or VLT.

But how can we calculate the tint percentage? Below we have some facts on tint level calculation in the car’s window.

  1. Slide the car window down approximately halfway.
  2. Using a tint meter to measure the percentage of tint is the best option.
  3. This is the way police departments, tinting shops, and car owners use to determine the tint percentage.
  4. You can simply use the meter with a slot on the back that enables it to be fitted right over the top of the screen.
  5. We check the meter’s digital screen to ensure the exact percentage or opacity level.

Can You Be Pulled Over For Window Tint – Legal or Illegal?

can i get pulled over for window tint

A lot of users get perplexed since they cannot tell what’s the law in different states and what should be the ideal way of tinting glass. In Ohio, we know that 50% is legal in front and anything in the back. Then, Oklahoma City has tinted windows all over the place, but Ohio doesn’t give permission to have an excessive dark tint.

It should be noted that Limo tint is totally restricted and if you have one, you will get pulled over for sure. In fact, you should know about different forms of tints. Plus, understanding the standard law is crucial for every car owner. So, don’t miss the law-related explanation that is given below.

Factory Tint Option 

Recently a cob stopped a car and checked the tint percentage with a tint meter. He found it 30% which is illegal in Florida since their limit is 28%. So the card driver gets pulled over for the penalty. However, any type of tint you have can be judged by state law.

Most states have a VLT permissible limit of roughly 50% for the front driver windows and windscreen. Where factory tint is only applied to the back half of windows to avoid breaking any law.

Permitted Tints

RTO rules require a minimum of 70% visibility for the front and back glasses whereas 50% is required for the side glasses. But it may vary from state to state. Anyway, the law’s goal is to prevent accidents and criminal activities due to poor roadside visibility.

Transmission of Light

The amount of light that can pass through the glass is referred to as light transmission. You should know that the lower the VLT, the darker the tint, and the more light is absorbed. For example, having a 5% tint will only allow 5% outside light.

Articulable Thinking

The court said, “reasonable and articulable suspicion of a tinted windows violation arises only when a vehicle’s front windshield or front side windows are so darkly tinted that police cannot clearly see people or articles within the car.” Therefore, you should know the law before having the tint.

Side And Back Window Is Legal

The state regulation on front-side window tint ranges from any quantity of tint (Michigan) to entirely unlawful (New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Vermont). All other states assigned a VLT ratio of around 20% to 70% maximum. But in the case of back-side tinting, it will vary by state.

Wiggle Room And Window Tint Laws

SUVs have an additional level of freedom or wiggle room when it comes to tinting blackness. But if you lack the wiggle room, don’t forget to add ceramic tint.

Health Condition

You have an illegal tint and the police will definitely stop you is totally common. But when you have health issues like Lupus, UV allergies, or Melanoma, you can tell the cob about the sickness and hopefully, they will release you without giving you any punishment. But make sure you always have your medical professional’s prescriptions with you.

9 Common Reasons You Could Get Pulled Over 

can police pull you over for tint

But why do police sometimes pull over without any reason? Well, it’s not about “no reason,” it’s obviously about doing anything wrong while you drive. We have some clarification behind these scenarios. So, let’s check it out!

  1. The police officer usually stops the car when they notice the windows look too dark.
  2. You will get pulled over when you have the limousine tint darker than 50 by 35%.
  3. The officer may notice your driving style and suspect it is drunk driving or drug offenses and immediately they will stop you.
  4. Sometimes the installer doesn’t notice the existing tint so they install the new one over the old one. Where the traffic police pull you over for excessive dark tint.
  5. They might also stop you for random security checks but later on, they noticed the tint percentage is not legal.
  6. Crossing the red light can also draw the attention of cops to the tint.
  7. Whenever you cross into another state, the police will stop the car to check their own state tint percentage.
  8. If the car is pulled from a no-parking zone, they will stop you and check the car for any illegal activities.
  9. Police checkers can also check the car with the tint meter without any reason.

However, if they get any unavoidable attention, they will pull you over to ultimately check the tint. Therefore, you should be aware to keep it legal!

What To Say If You Get Pulled Over For Tint?

There comes the cob in front of you for having illegal tint! How to manage them or what you should do now? Let’s talk about the response below!

  • First of all, pick a safe area to pull over, preferably a close parking lot or large shoulder off the side of the roadway.
  • It is best to address the officer politely.
  • Let the police speak first and never commit yourself by confessing that you did anything illegal. 
  • When the officer asks to see papers, show them the documentation.
  • Keep your response brief all the time. For example, if they ask, ” Do you know why I stopped your car?” You should reply, “No.” If they ask, “Are you drunk?” You should say, ” I don’t drink.”
  • If the tint is illegal, you will most likely receive a ticket. If it happens, be nice to the police and you should accept your faults.
  • You can remove the tint and show it to the judge to dismiss the ticket.
  • Taking photos of illegal window tinting will reduce or dismiss any punishment.
  • If any statement or affidavit is required, fill it out.
  • Let the police ensure that you’ll remove the old tint and replace the new one that fulfills the state’s law.
  • You might have medical conditions so you can ask for an exemption.
  • Take note of any deadlines and submit the plea within the time. It might be usually fewer than 30 days or 1 month.
  • If you get any serious sentence or penalty, present the case in front of the judge.

How Often Do You Get Pulled Over For Tint?

If the state is too strict, they will pull over anytime to check for any illegal activities. So, it’s not fixed when they will stop you for dark window tint. It might be every time or maybe once in 25 years that we found it after searching “How Often Do You Get Pulled Over For Tint Forum.” Also, if you search “do you get pulled over for tinted windows Reddit,” you will get more information related to the state’s law.

To be honest, almost all the state cars have tinted windows but the tinting percentage may vary. Having them 70% is considered illegal but if you are unlucky you will be punished or charged based on suspicions rather than meeting the state’s law about window tint.

A user experienced the pulled-over situation 15 years back. He had 15% tint on the front and 5% on the back. But unfortunately, the state trooper gave him the penalty for having the tint by taking around $75.

Can You Get Pulled Over For Tint In Another State?

When entering a different state, there are no indications about window tinting law. So, it’s common that you have an illegal tint in other states. Unfortunately, you cannot even change the tint to fulfill state-by-state requirements.

An automobile owner recently went to school in Alabama, but the car had a Tennessee license plate. In one area, the tint was unlawful at 20% so the police pulled him over. Luckily, since you didn’t have any idea about the tinting law, they let him go without any penalty.

Actually, different states have different law coverings. As a result, you must understand the standard rules and regulations for window tinting before driving in any state. 

What State Allows The Darkest Window Tint?

If you ask “will I get pulled over for 50% tint on windshield?” We will say the state will talk! Actually, not every state permits a dark tint. So, after a long research on the internet, we found some permitted areas that allow the car owner to ride with the darkest tint. Let’s have a look at the list.

StateFront SidesBack SideBack WindowWindscreen
New York70%70%Any6″
Rhode Island70%70%70%AS1

How Much Is A Window Tint Ticket?

You get a window tint ticket when you violate the rules of any state. The ticket is given based on so many factors like darkness level, state law, and maybe for having any other wrongdoings that take the attention of the police. In most states, illegal tint violations are classified as minor traffic penalties. However, the usual costs for breaking the window tint law are given below.

  • Approximately the cost of a tint ticket is $25 with a “Fix It” warning.
  • They will possibly charge $100 for 1st unlawful window tint warning.
  • Additionally, there is a tendency of giving $200 as a 2nd tint ticket warning.

Does A Window Tint Ticket Affect Your Insurance?

Yes, the window tinting ticket can raise car insurance rates. In that scenario, your insurance is not going to pay for damaged or unlawfully tinted windows. But tinting car windows is a modification so the insurance company should cover the problem. 


Here comes the most important section where you’ll have some common questions that every automobile user asks. Let’s see the queries to clear some other facts about window tinting law.

1. Will cops pull you over for 20% tint?

Having 5% tint on your car’s window is legal we guess. So, if it’s 20%, you’ll likely be pulled over.

2. Will I get pulled over for 50 tint on windshield?

It’s not about the percentage of tint on your windshield; rather, it’s about the state’s rules, legal tint percentage, and the darkness level of tint. For example, there is no restriction on the blackness of tint on the rear and side windows in California. 

3. Can you get a ticket for tinted windows in California?

An initial time fine in California will be 25 dollars in accordance with vehicle code 16708. Or, a car owner possibly is accused of a violation where you’ll get charged around 197 dollars.

4. Can you be pulled over for window tint in Georgia?

In general, 32% VLT is the least level of dark tint permitted unless you have applied for a medical exemption. The state law is applicable for 2 front doors and rear side windows and back windscreen. So, yes, it’s normal to get pulled over by the police in Georgia. Most likely they will check the sticker on the windshield that certifies the legality of the window tint.

Final Verdict

The query “Can you be pulled over for window tint,” used to be the common tension in the mind of every car owner until they met this article. It’s because the article has uncovered the mandatoriness of following the state’s law on window tint. Especially, keep it at 5% at least or keep the percentage according to the state’s law.

You have also discovered the possible tint ticket limit as well as the ideal percentage in various states. So, make sure you keep the reasons behind the pullover. And don’t forget to follow the advice we said while encountering the cob for illegal activities. 

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